Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Super Easy Crochet Bracelet


Life has been very busy recently and I've been feeling like I can't finish projects. Any projects. Or even the dishes.

You know what I need when I feel like that? A fast, easy project to get me rolling again. I love instant-gratification crafts for that. So, in case you do too I thought I'd share one with you today.

I first made this because our very own Robin had it pinned on one of her Pinterest boards. It's a great project because it's quick, easy, yet lovely.

Materials: Small crochet hook, embroidery floss, beads, clasp.

Step 1: Pick a color of embroidery floss and a handful of beads. These beads could be all the same, or a wide variety inspired by a color combo like mine, or anything else.

Step 2: Thread all the beads onto the embroidery floss. This could be randomly like mine, or in a pattern.

Step 3: Start a chain stitch with a small crochet hook. (I used a size 1 hook.) Here's a video by the Knit Witch if you're not sure how to do a chain stitch. It's basically just a series of slip knots.

Step 4: Continue in the chain stitch. Every 5-10 stitches, slide one of your beads down to the work area and keep going.

Step 5: Continue chain stitch until desired length is reached. The one I made Robin was a good 3 feet, I think. The nice part of having one so long is that then it can be anything; a bracelet, a necklace, even a decorative belt!

Step 6: Attach a clasp to the ends and enjoy!

Trust me, this one comes together really fast. It feels great being able to take such a good looking project from start to finish in one session. Just the sort of project to make me feel like I can accomplish something!


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