Monday, April 1, 2013

Takin' Care of Business

Happy Monday everyone (and Happy April Fools Day - warning! hah. Thank goodness it's only one day a year, am I right?)

I hope those that celebrated Easter or Springtime (as we do in our family) this weekend had a wonderful time. We joined some friends for an egg hunt that was incredibly cute. I'm feeling very thankful this week to have such an awesome community of parents & friends here in sunny Portland (that's right, I said SUNNY - well, this week anyway... :)

The coolest part of being a member of Tansy Dolls is most definitely knowing that children are snuggling and being comforted by our little dollies. Even better is getting to see them get excited at craft fairs or when we drop off locally, and getting pictures is second best. I've been an artist most of my adult 'working' life, and handmaking these beauties with such good intentions has been incredible, a highlight of my career.

Tansy Dolls Bamboletta Dragonflys Hollow Bunny
Here's a pic of some bunnies we made for 4 sweet siblings getting ready for their Easter baskets
And we're approaching our ONE YEAR anniversary! This year has flown by for me, I feel like we've grown so much - but I'll save that for a future post.

What I've really been thinking about lately is getting Tansy Dolls seen more. I feel like the quality of our dolls are top-notch, but we need to get on it so more people know who we are (or rather, I, considering I'm heading our marketing and promotion.) I've spent these first few months really focused on our line of dolls, and now I need to dust off the gears in the left side of my brain and get to the 'business' side of business.

So, I think these next few Mondays I'm going to devote to business planning, brainstorming, being inspired, and any ol' topic that will help me wrap my head around blazing a trail for Tansy Dolls. In the process, I hope some of you join the conversation, get ideas, and share the wisdom you've aquired while promoting your small business.

This week, I'd like to share a gem of a book - The Handmade Marketplace, by Kari Chapin (look, I've even created a link for you to get it here from Powells (not that other online bookstore that shall not be named...ahem...heh ;)
Kari Chapin's Handmade Marketplace
This book is chalk-full of excellent ideas, not only for older companies but for beginning businesses that need advice on the right way to get the best start. She pretty much covers everything from taxes to conducting your business in an ethical way and she has a ton of amazing contributors sharing what they've learned.

What books do you love? I'd love to start a reading list!

Have a great week, everyone. Until next time...


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