Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Great Max Day

Matt's been out of town on business. It's impossibly hard. I'll admit we tend to be one of those clingy co-dependent couples who can't stand being apart, which has certainly contributed to how hard it's been having him gone. Of course, the other part is that I'm trying to be both parents at once. I have no idea how single parents balance it all - I feel totally fried. And that's with the wonderful support of my friends and family who have all been helping out! It's been an excellent illustration of the old "it takes a village" adage.

In all this craziness it's easy to lose track of the important stuff. Rushing from school and work to errands and dinner, then bath and bed and cleaning and everything else I feel like Max doesn't always get the dedicated attention he deserves. So yesterday we played hookey. We hung out for the morning, read lots of books, and played some serious trains. One of Max's new favorite things is to have me tape him playing trains. He considers this making movies, though they're still a little light on things like plot.

We also went out to get my Mr. Shaggy a haircut (at his request!). 

Then some errands (are those sorts of things inescapable or what?!). But then we went to a family favorite: Powell's Books, the Beaverton campus. 
We happily browsed books for quite awhile before Max settled on a Thomas book (of course), a Bearenstein Bears book, and an human anatomy book. 
Then we went out to dinner together at Pastini. Max's new favorite food is chicken alfredo, so it seemed pretty perfect. 

He insisted on taking my picture as well:

I gave him my card so he could pay, which he thought was awesome. 

It was a pretty great day. It's really hard to find time to give him all the attention he deserves and it's easy when life is busy to get distracted by the inevitable battles, behaviors, and routines. It was great to get to reconnect. 

What do you do to connect with your kiddos?


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