Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Felt Hair Clips Tutorial

Hey Folks!
I have a nice quick tutorial for you guys today; felt hair clips! These are quick, easy, fun, and inexpensive, but still wicked cute. They'd be great as favors, batch gifts, something fun to spruce up your accessories rack, or a good project to do with kids. They can be for adults, kids, or even your Tansy Doll!

Ok, enough chatter. Here's the how-to.

Snap hair clips (like these)
Embroidery floss and/or puffy paint
Sharp scissors
Glue (I like Tacky Glue)

How To
We start with felt. Here I've used recycled Eco-felt, but any with work.

Now we cut our shapes. For this batch I made leaves and flowers. Cut 2 of the shape per clip.

Now we add details to the top. For the leaves, I did veins in backstitch on one, and a chain stitch on the other. The flowers just got a nice yellow star for the center. I also cut a smaller green leaf to go with the flower.

If you're doing this with kiddos who aren't quite up to stitching yet, you can give them puffy paints instead. Just be aware you'll want to let them dry completely before finishing the rest of the steps. Here are some puffy paint examples:

Ok, now we can get back to construction. Take the shape you didn't decorate, and snip a small slit in the back.

Now slide in the top of one of the snap clips, then click closed.

Spread glue on the top surface...

...and the small leaf if you're going to... sandwich the decorated top onto the gluey shape and pinch to help set.

Now just let dry and you're done! If you need to trim up the edges a bit you can do that too.

Look how pretty!!
Hopefully these will bring you some color and smiles. If you try it out let us know! And share your pictures!

Before I forget, did you guys know we're having a giveaway this week? Head over to our Facebook Page to enter to win one of our new Mermaid Sprouts or a felted sea creature - your choice!! We'll draw a winner Tuesday, June 4. Good luck!!



  1. These are so cute, and seem so fun to make! I'm always wearing bow headbands, maybe I'll give one of these a shot.

    1. They're tons of fun! It's really easy to just go nuts with it. Lesley and I made all these in one morning over coffee. I can think of tons of other shapes that might be fun too. Enjoy!