Friday, May 3, 2013

On Birthing

I made it to the other end of the field exams tunnel.  It was just about as awful as I thought it would be.  But just as I hit the submit button, I had to dash off to the hospital to support my sister as she delivered her first baby.  I would post a picture but I want to honor my sister's privacy.  You'll just have to trust me when I say my little niece and Aria's "sister cousin" is just the sweetest little baby imaginable.
This photo of my daughter is here just to break up the text, but it was taken outside the hospital.  heh.
On another note, watching my sister deliver a baby had to be one of the most amazing experiences ever, next to holding Aria right after birth, probably at the top of the awesome list.  For those who are close to me, you know that I had a very traumatic birth experience.  The short story I hemorrhaged following delivery and wound up in ICU for 2 days.  Being in ICU meant that I was separated from my newborn daughter, scared, in pain, and isolated. It took me years to be okay with talking about it without crying. There is more to the story but today is not the time to tell that story.

Today is the time to talk about the wonder I got to experience.  Having the privilege to be present at the birth of my niece moved me closer to a place of peace about my own birth.  It was powerful and beautiful at the same time.  I was simply amazed at my sister's strength.  Earlier during labor she had been in pain and maybe a bit scared but when it came time to push, she was in the zone, concentrating on the task at hand.  After the baby was delivered, I hovered like a worried mother hen watching the doctors intently.  I am sure they felt my icy cold gaze as I bore holes into the back of their heads.  I wasn't able to relax until I saw them sit up and bring the baby back to my sister.

Anyhow, the birth of a human is awe-inspiring.  All I can say is if you ever have the opportunity and honor of witnessing a birth, do not miss out on it.  It. is. amazing.

This year Mother's Day is on May 12.  I have a host of mother's day gifts to get and this year I want to get something special for Shellie (my momma-in-law), my mother, and of course my sister.  So I'm asking you to help.  What handmade gifts would you love to get or give for Mother's Day?
And another photo to break up text.  ;)  This flower arrangement was made by Aria and her friend Sanjana.  Isn't it pretty?  It reminds me of Spring.   
I'm thinking something that encourages Shellie to take time for herself.  That woman is the most giving lady I know and she really needs to pamper herself occasionally.  My mother is a beast when it comes to finding the perfect gift so I am thinking a framed photo of her two granddaughters.  My sister...I'm drawing blanks on...perhaps something to help celebrate the birth of her daughter.  But what?  She isn't a big jewelry person although she isn't opposed to jewelry.  But it needs to be bigger than promises or offers of babysitting; I already plan on doing that.  Help!?!


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