Monday, May 13, 2013

Snuggle Time

Hey everyone,

Our family has had quite a month: emergency surgery, a death in the family, a beautiful wedding, and lots and lots of traveling with children. A whirlwind, to be sure. I'll probably find it in me to blog about the more personal aspects of the month later on, but for now I'm still pretty exhausted. hah.

So for my post today, I thought I'd share some snuggles, since it IS my favorite perk of the job - getting pictures from happy doll mamas & papas.

Do you remember our 2000 FB Fan Giveaway from a couple of months back? Well, here's a little peek at our winner, a lovely little lady with her new custom Tansy Doll, "Leaf."

Bamboletta, Waldorf Dolls, Tansy Dolls, Dragonflys Hollow
Her and her mama chose warm brown skin, green eyes, and earth tones for his curly boucle hair. It was kind of hard to part with him, he turned out so stinkin' cute. Me thinks another brown skin/green eye beauty is going to have to be in the works for the shoppe soon.

And look at those curls (the little lady's)!!! Is she adorable, or what? I think they'll be fast friends soon, if not already.

I hope everyone has a great week, full of family, and hopefully lots of snuggletime.


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