Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Crochet pattern for kid's toolbelt

Today I bring you a quick and easy crochet project; a cute kid's toolbelt. Today's project is brought to you by a broken garbage disposal. You see, last weekend ours broke and started pouring water into the under-sink cabinet and floor. Lovely. Well, Matt and I are pretty handy so we went out and bought a new one and brought it home to install it. There was no way Max would be left out of this one, so he donned his hard hat, rounded up his tools, and found a toolbelt.

Now, as of last weekend he didn't have a toolbelt, so instead he had to use a headband from his dress up box, which the tools kept slipping out of. When he was all done helping he let me know in no uncertain terms that he needed a toolbelt. So here it is! This is an easy project, using just the single crochet stitch and rectangles, making it a great beginner piece. It's very easy to size up or down for your little one and could even be scaled down to fit your Tansy Doll! Just use thinner, sport weight yarn, and a smaller crochet hook. Have fun!

Toolbelt colored yarn, worsted weight - I used a tan color
Crochet hook - size I (5.5 mm)
Belt buckle

Belt: I chose to stitch directly to the belt buckle. To do this, just sc 6 around the bar of the belt buckle. Otherwise, just ch 7, turn, skip first st, sc 6 across. Then you can sew it onto the buckle when you're done.

ch 1, turn, sc 6 across - repeat until belt fits your child. For Max, (who's 5) I did 90 rows. This leaves him some room to grow.

Pockets: decide where your pockets should go. For Max, this was about 12 rows away from the buckle, then I had him try it on to place the other one.
sc 12 along bottom of belt
ch 1, turn, sc 12 - I did one pocket with 30 rows, and one smaller one on the other side with 24 rows.
Cast off leaving long tail. Fold pocket up and stitch sides. If you fold it up high enough that it fastens partway on the belt it will be a little stronger.

Loops: I did 2 small front loops, but you could always add more.
ch 7, turn, skip first st, sc 6
ch 1, turn, sc 6 - repeat for 8-12 rows. I did one with 9 rows, one with 11 rows.
Sew onto belt, letting it bubble up a bit instead of lie flat.

You're done! Call in the kiddo for a fitting then let 'em load it up with tools!

So now Max is ready for his next home repair call! So cute!


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