Friday, June 14, 2013

Hillsdale Art Supply Company

Tansy Dolls is based in Portland, Oregon.  For those of you familiar with Portland, what I'm about to say will come as no surprise.  Portland is the mecca for artists and crafters.  Its the city that breathes and lives off of creativity and imagination.  There are so many great stores here that cater to the artist within that the question is often not if you'll find what materials and inspiration you're looking for but where you're going to find it.  The only downside is that most of these great stores are not exactly located in my area.  I live in a particular area of SW Portland that while lovely has been somewhat lacking in art and craft supply stores.  Oh sure, down the street I have Michaels and The Mill End store for my general crafting and sewing needs, but the big box Michaels hardly has that Portland feel and while The Mill End is my go-to place for fabric, it doesn't fulfill my other crafting needs.

ALL that has changed.  A lovely little shop called Hillsdale Art Supply Company just opened in my neighborhood and I couldn't be happier.  The first time I visited the shop I met one of the shop owners, Denise, who won my daughter over when she allowed Aria to sit at the big art table to paint some sticks. 

I've been keeping my eye on their Facebook page because every month they offer a series of art classes.   When I saw that they were offering an encaustic (wax collage) class I nearly squealed in excitement.  I've wanted to try my hand at encaustic for a very long time.  In addition, one of my dearest friends Tina just graduated from a doctoral program (Woohoo Tina!!) and I thought it might make a great graduation gift.  After ensuring she had the day free, I signed us both up for the course. 
L: Wine and collage materials. Top R: An encaustic paining by the lovely instructor Amy Stoner.  Bottom R: Tina preps the first layer of her wax collage. 
We had a great time.  The classes are kept small so you really get some great one on one advice, tips, and cheerleading from the instructor.  I also got to meet the second shop owner, Ryan, who is super encouraging and personable.  A quick note about our encaustic instructor Amy Stoner: she makes amazing encaustic artwork.  Apparently she also does printmaking. You should seriously check out her artwork if you are looking to dress up the walls a bit.  (Website, Facebook)  Tina and I already plan on attending her July 31st class where she'll be teaching encaustic painting.  The difference between encaustic wax collage and painting is that you add pigment to the wax. I'm already super excited about taking the class although my painting skills leave little to be desired.
Top L: Glorious papers, Bottom L: Little drawers full of handmade notebooks and fun erasers, Top R: Shelf of recycled art and collage materials, Bottom R: Paper, paper, and more paper
So what sort of art supplies can a person hope to find at this wonderful little store?  There are all sorts of paper goodness, paint brushes, paints, canvases, and little trinkets that I think would make great collage or jewelry pieces.  Then there are colored pencils and fun erasers, sharpies, and glue.  One of my favorite things about the store is that they also buy and sell used art supplies so you can find some seriously great deals if you do a little digging. 
Top L: Sweet little children's art smocks, Bottom L: Sharpies in every size imaginable, Top R:  Beads, small glass vials, slides, Bottom R: ric rac and twine
The store has a great community feel and both of the owners are super sweet and and helpful.  It is tucked away so if you drive through Hillsdale and don't see it right away, don't give up.  Its located behind Jade Restaurant at 6327 SW Capitol Highway off of Barbur Boulevard.  Hillsdale Art Supply Company is a great community resource with an array of great art supplies and plenty of classes for both adults and children to keep both serious and budding artists busy and happy.  You can check out their list of art classes as well as register for any that catch your eye on their website.  If you live in the Portland area, I recommend stopping by and checking them out.


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  1. Thanks for the review! I live near Multnomah Village and haven't checked this place out--seems like just my type of thing!