Friday, June 28, 2013

Iron Man Inspired Steampunk Outfit Design

Yep.  You read the title correctly.  The Rose City Comic Con is in just 3 short months and that means it is time to get cracking on the costumes.  Last year, I made Aria's Domino costume, but didn't get around to making a costume for myself or my husband.  This year I swore I would do things differently so Phil and I could join in the cosplay fun.  Today's post is really a cry for help.  I stumbled upon the most adorable set of Avengers inspired frocks by artist Xeora and fell instantly in love.
I LOVE the Hawkeye and Thor dresses, but ultimately went with Iron Man based (believe it or not) on the fact that I have a pair of fabulous boots that are perfect for the outfit.  Heh.  I am thinking I need a whole closet full of dresses subtly inspired by comic book superheroes.  Aria has already requested a Batman inspired frock for herself.
Okay, so here is my attempt at designing my own Iron Man inspired dress. Totally ignore my lack of professionalism in using technology to create inked sketches.  I had to use Paint for this so I was working with the bare bones.  
I'll start with a simple breakdown on the design elements and what I was attempting to go for.  
  • The mini top hat with gold netting over face is supposed to mimic Iron Man's helmet piece.  
  • The necklace which I failed to capture in drawing is a pocket watch case.  I will likely add a big gear in the middle.  It is obviously intended to be Iron Man's heart.  The husband wants me to rig it up so it actually lights up.  I'll might try that once I get everything else made.  
  • The little bolero style jacket has sleeves that turn up to reveal gold (more golden yellow than metallic mind you) to mimic the color change in Iron Man's armor. 
  • The cute little flouncy empire waist dress is done up in deep reds for Iron Man's armor.  As you will see in a moment I am thinking of playing around a bit with patterns and textures for more fun.
  • I was originally thinking of making wrist length gloves but as you'll see later, I'm thinking I might try to go to mid-forearm.  They should obviously have something in the palm to mimic Iron Man's repulsor rays.  Again, Phil is voting I find a way to rig up a real light.  I have the materials to make that happen (LED lights, conductive thread, and coin cell batteries), but I need to play around with it.
  • The gold petticoat and fishnets (again, more golden yellow than metallic) also mimic the color change in Iron Man's armor.  I'll have to see what I can find in terms of gold fishnets.  I was also thinking how fabulous gold lace stockings would be if I could find them. 
  • And last the fabulous boots.  Those are obviously done already.  Heh.

So here is where you can help, if you are so inclined.  I need a little feedback on fabric pattern and color choice.  Here are a few of my favorites.
I'm kind of partial to the Brocade in the upper  left hand corner.
I am leaning towards the pinwheel rosettes on the top or the tone on tone stripes on  the bottom left. 
As for the details, I'm outlining the patterns and materials I am thinking of using.  If you have any tips or thoughts on these, feel free to let me know.  I'm making this up as I go so I appreciate any help I can get along the way.  :)
  • Dress - Pattern: Sis Boom Dress Pattern by Scientific Seamstress. I will likely make the skirt a bit fuller. Materials: I think I'll use either satin or taffeta.  I think it might be more interesting to have the skirt in a different pattern than the bodice just to add some texture to the outfit.
  • Jacket - Pattern: B5232 Misses Victorian Jacket by Butterick. Its currently out of stock but you can find copies on Etsy and Ebay. I'm leaning towards option B, but I think option C could be intriguing as well.  What do you think?  Materials: Butterick recommends wool, twill, gaberdine, silk, shantung, and suiting fabrics.  I haven't been able to find anything online that catches my eye in those materials.  I need to visit some fabric stores though to see what I can find.   Most of what I have found is brocades but I think they would work fine.
  • Hat - Pattern: Steampunk Mini Top Hat by Harlots and Angels.  I am excited about this one.  I already ordered the pattern and it comes with most of the supplies I'll need to make the hat. Materials: It doesn't come with the fabric which is fine since I want to customize it for the outfit. I figure once I decide on the material for the skirt portion of the dress, I'll just use that for the hat as well. I also picked up some feathers and netting from Fancy Goods to dress the hat up a bit (in particular this, this, and this!)
  • Gloves - Pattern:  B5695 Gloves by Butterick.  Initially when I bought the pattern I was thinking options A, B, or D, but now I am thinking option E might actually be a better choice if I can make the cuffs a bit longer.  It would enable me to use that golden yellow color I am using throughout the outfit. Materials: If I want to make option E, they recommend using velveteen for the inside of the cuffs and Poly Lycra for the outer portion of the gloves.  
  • Necklace - No pattern for this one but I picked up a pocket watch case from Tim Holtz.  I was going to purchase an old antique one but I couldn't find what I wanted at a price that I was willing to spend.  I also bought these lovely gears from Punqd.  They come in a variety of sizes so I'm hoping one of them fits nicely into the pocket watch case. I will probably fill in the front portion of the pocket watch with resin mixed with a bright light blue pigment and embed the gear in it. I'll leave the back portion empty so I can see if I can rig up a light.
  • Fishnets/Stockings - I can't find any!!!  If you know of a shop that carries golden-yellow stockings, please let me know!  I am willing to even do solids, but I'd prefer lace or fishnet.  

A little photo collage of everything I have right now or will have very soon. Oh and check out those boots!  Those are the ones I own!!  Aren't they just fabulous!   
And finally I'll leave you with this comparison of Iron Man and my design.  So what do you think?  Its subtle but do you think at least a few folks at the Rose City Comic Con will pick up on the tribute?
I'll be documenting as I go along so if you're into this kind of thing, be sure to tune into our blog.  Oh and with Aria's TWO costumes (Rogue and Wasp) and Phil's costume (YellowJacket) also in my near future, you can expect more cosplay fun over the course of the next three months.


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