Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Patchy Pants

My son is hard on clothes. Or, more specifically, pants. His shirts actually last fairly well, but pants he is rough on. Here's a shot of a few of them:

He's at that size stage right now where all the pants he has are the size that he's close to outgrowing. There's no point in buying more 4T pants - he'll outgrow them before they're broken in. But buying 5/6 pants is a bit early - they still fall off him. When I lined them all up, there were only 2 pairs without holes in at least one knee. 
boy kid pants need patch

I assessed those in need of repair. All had a hole in the right knee. When he plays, he plants his right knee on the floor, and scoots along by pushing his left foot. Hence the hole in the right leg of his pants and the constant bruise/scrape on his knee. Some weren't worth saving; these I scrapped for materials. Below are my repairs. Max declared himself happy with most of them, and downright thrilled with a few. A few evenings of stitching and he's outfitted again until he changes sizes. 

I started with the easy ones - the sweatpants. One pair wasn't worth saving, so I used it for patch material. Two pairs got basic knee patches. 

For the last pair, I did something more interesting. There was only one hole, so it got a whale shaped patch and some embroidered details. 

When I moved on to the jeans and cargo pants, there were a few more to cannibalize. There was also one pair ready to be summer shorts.

One pair of jeans just had one gaping hole, so it got a really big iron-on denim patch. Except I never really trust those iron-on patches, so I ironed it on, then stitched it in place. 
boy jeans iron on patch

The next pair of jeans also got an iron-on patch, but I gave it more decorative stitching. 

Next up were the patch pants. Max is very fond of having customized pants. He picks patches at the craft store to spruce up his wardrobe. When he heard I would have to throw some away he was very concerned about the fate of his patches. I decided to save and then re-purpose some. His one-dinosaur pants became two-dinosaur pants, and Lightning McQueen moved over to join his buddy Mater. 

For the last two I got a bit more creative. There was this great pin that led me to this site, which helped me decide one pair of pants needed a monster face. The other pair already had a fire truck, so I thought flames would be fun. Felt is easy to work with, but not super strong, so I stitched it onto jean patches. 
monster patch flames iron on

That's 10 pairs of pants! Plenty to hold him over until he grows into the next size. Hope this helped! Patchwork pants for the win!


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