Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pear Blossom, a special edition 16" Tansy Doll

Hi folks & Happy Monday,

You may have noticed my lack of posts on Mondays (you didn't, you say? Well, hmph!) hah.

Life has been pretty hectic around these parts after some family emergencies last month and so Cady and Robin (good friends that they are) have let me off the hook, guilt-free. Thanks ladies. :)

Behind the scenes Tansy Dolls headquarters...I've been creating, selling, packaging & shipping, dreaming, and marketing. A lot of fun stuff is going on and exciting opportunities are heading our way. BTW - did you know that this week (June 28th) is our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! So exciting! The gals & I are going to have to go out for a night on the town to celebrate.

Well, today, I am proud to unveil a beauty that we've been working on for quite some time. Our 3rd in our "From Fables" 16" special edition dolls, I am proud to introduce you to Pear Blossom!
tansy dolls, korean doll, princess, pear blossom, bamboletta, asian doll
Ta da!!!
 Inspired by the "Pearblossom, " a Cinderella story that takes place in Korea hundreds of years ago. You can read about it here: Pear Blossom

Our Pear Blossom has peach skin, blushed cheeks, and black hair with hand-spun blue highlights made from the finest all-natural mohair and wool yarn. She has a sparkle in her dark brown eyes.
tansy dolls, korean doll, princess, pear blossom, bamboletta, asian doll
sweet little face
 She is wearing a beautiful pink and green 'princess' hanbok made from silk dupioni and has pretty pink felt blossom hairclips in her hair. She also comes with a second outfit, her white hanbok made from cotton!
tansy dolls, korean doll, princess, hanbok, asian doll, waldorf doll
Pear Blossom in her white Hanbok

 She also has hand-stitched pink boots with blossom buttons on their sides.
korean princess doll, tansy dolls, pear blossom, bamboletta
detail of her boots swooooooooooon

 and she comes with an extra special package of goodies!

Her little goblin friend in a kimchi jar is a Tokgabi, a gracious goblin that helps her on her way. He is needle-felted from 100% wool and his jar is crochet with love.
needle felted troll, Korean doll, asain doll, princess, waldorf, bamboletta
Pear Blossom & her pal

 Sweet Pear Blossom is in our shoppe this week at make sure to check her out if you'd like to have her join your family.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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