Friday, June 21, 2013

So long, Preschool

Last weekend Aria graduated from preschool.  Her school held a little ceremony complete with gowns and cap.  The kids looked adorable.  Aria was recognized for her great story-telling.  I wrote about it here, but we received her journal and there were quite a few gems.  All I can say is the girl definitely has a thing for the macabre.
The kids walking to the stage.  Aria is eyeballing the audience.  Heh.
The director Kim gives her speech.  We love Teacher Kim.  .
Aria can be a tough cookie.  She doesn't make a connection with just anybody, but she definitely made a connection with Kim.  She had a rough few months last year and it was always Kim who could get her to loosen her grip on my leg and let me say my morning goodbye
She looks so BIG!  By the way, Aria's preschool is housed at the college I attend.  She is wearing my school colors. 
With just a blink of an eye, my little preschooler is now a kindergartner.  How did that happen?  I decided to homeschool her for kindergarten so we're officially starting on Monday.  I figure we'll do reading, math, and writing 5 times a week, science and art 2 times a week alternating, and 1 free choice topic the remaining day.  We're going to take it easy so probably no more than 15 minutes a subject to start just to see how it goes.  I also want to work plenty of field trips and outside exploration.  Do any of you homeschool?  If you have tips to share with me, I'll gladly accept them.
The good news is that no matter how big she gets, she always remains my silly Goo.  The day she starts being serious, I think I'll start to worry a bit. 


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