Monday, July 29, 2013

Interview time! with Dot of Busted Button

Happy Monday, folks!
Today we are fortunate to share our space with Dot Falcon of Busted Button. For those who
haven't heard of Dot yet, let me give you the low-down: She is equal parts talented and
lovely & creates not only sweet handmade jewelry but these amazing button paintings that
utilize so much vibrancy and life it'll make your head pop off, or at least put a big ol' smile
on your face. 
I first meet Dot when she donated this amazing peice to Aria's Elephant Fundraiser and I was
instantly hooked!
Sweet Ele piece by Dot
 Dot was kind enough to answer some questions that have been simmering in my brain for a bit.
Grab a cup of joe and enjoy! - Lesley.
Tansy Dolls: Good morning, Dot! So let's start from the beginning - As a child, what did you wish
to become when you grew up?
Dot: I loved slugs and bugs, so I wanted to be an entomologist, but I also wanted to be an artist.
Dot's two loves, art & entomology, had a baby and it's this awesome necklace!
Tansy Dolls: Tell us about your background. What path led you to the work you do today? 
Dot: I am the 2nd oldest of 10 children, born to my very creative parents! In our house, creating
things happened more than playing with toys or watching T.V.

Tansy Dolls: What does a typical day at work look like for you?
Dot: On a typical day, you will find me sitting at the computer with a baby at my boob, while
I take an order or share an idea with my lovely internet friends. Then you'll find me creating a
project with a toddler hanging onto my leg, or you may catch me packing up orders with another
kid climbing on my back.

Dot with her newest creation, the beautiful Flora.
Tansy Dolls: I love that you include your kids in your creative process, they are lucky little kiddos
to have so much art and beauty as a priority in their home. What's your favorite thing that you
have made?
Dot: Other than my offspring, my favorite creation would have to be one of my button tree paintings,
Nuclear Beauty. I also love a very strange painting I did, called 'Lonely Roma', which features an
uncomfortable tomato in a bathtub.
Nuclear Beauty by Dot Falcon
 Tansy Dolls: What are your dreams for the future of Busted Button?
Dot: I have two dreams for Busted Button- firstly, I would love to have enough ordersthat this little
business could support my family with our crazy dynamics. Because we have a million children,
including two with special needs, it is difficult to find work that is flexible around therapy schedules
andwhatnot. And secondly, I would LOVE to get to the point where I could hire other mamas who
want to work from home. I would love to have them take on the jewelry side of the business, doing
something they love, while getting paid AND being tackled by children at the same time.
Tansy Dolls: Love it! That is a dream of Tansy Dolls too, to create work for other SAHMamas.
Is there a special place that inspires you? 
Dot: Pinterest. On my phone. In the bathroom.
Tansy Dolls: Hah, totally! Your home office? ;) What product or offers are you the most excited
about in your shop right now? 
Dot: My Four Seasons Button Tree painting, and my giant cockroach necklace.
Four Seasons painting by Dot
(Dot is also having a 25% off sale in her etsy shop right now until Sat, with the code:  25OFF)
Woo hooo!
Tansy Dolls: Do you have any advice for those just getting into selling handmade?
Dot: Be yourself, do what you are passionate about, and try to connect with people in a
meaningful way. Try not to make your vision about money, or popularity, because you
will get discouraged. My friend's favorite verse is "Don't despise these humble beginnings."
and there is so much truth in that. I think everyone hopes to get rich quick or make a lot of
sales, but even when the start is slow, it is all part of growing a business! Kind of like a
garden. I spent so many years that I wasn't able to pursue this many creative endeavors
planning, testing and creating my jewelry and artwork. At the time it felt slow and
sometimes meaningless, but it turns out that necklace I made for my grad, or the painting
I threw away because I was embarrassed - led to what is happening now!
Amazing custom work by Busted Button!
Tansy Dolls: Any favorite inspirational quotes?
Dot: Well, thanks to Facebook, I am overloaded with them daily, and my latest fave would
have to be by John Trainer, who said, "Children are not a distraction from more important
work. They are the most important work." 
Tansy Dolls: What handmade shops or artists' work are you admiring right now?
Dot: SO MANY, but I'll share my top three: Firstly, I love Penguin and Owl Acres- I can't
wrap my mind around how much talent it takes to sculpt something so perfect out of wool!
Secondly, I adore Happy Yellow Dress (not just because my twin sister is the designer!)
She makes the most beautiful, vintage-inspired dresses! And finally, for natural products,
like face masks, salves and deodorant I am obsessed with Wildside. OH! And I have to
mention Dick&Jane Cloth diapers! They are so unique and such good quality.
Here are those links:
penguin and owl:
happy yellow dress:
dick and jane:
wildside naturals:

Tansy Dolls: One last question for ya, Dot, what is your fave thing to make for other people?
One of my personal faves by Dot
Dot: My favorite things to create for other people are the custom paintings. Whether it's to
decorate the nursery of a soon-to-arrive baby, or to honor a bride and groom, or someone
who has passed away, I feel so honored to be a part of creating something so meaningful.
Thank you so much, Dot! Your work is so beautiful and inspiring, thanks for taking the
time to share a little bit about yourself with us today!

Dot of Busted Button is graciously offering a GIVEAWAY!!! Please visit her fb page to
answer a question from today's interview and be included in a drawing to win a $40 (wow!!!!)
credit to her etsy shop!

We love you, Dot! Go check out her shop and go win yourself some Busted Button magic - goodluck!

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  1. I so enjoyed this profile of Dot at Busted Button. I've shared some of her amazing ideas and posts of her kids as plays-of-the-day on my website 123kindergarten. Thank you.