Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Meeting Some Friendly Alpacas

We had a fabulous camp-out last weekend. Perhaps I'll get back to posting about that next week, but today I need to gush about the alpacas we met on the way home.
Marquam Hill Ranch alpacas
Personality to spare! Love these guys!
On Sunday, after breakfast, packing up, and a last minute treasure hunt written by the kiddos, we decided we just had to stop for the Open House at Marquam Hill Ranch on the way home. So Lesley, Stella, my mom Julie, Ron, Max and I got to meet the cuties while we let our hubbies relax and watch sleeping Ever.

We pulled up and were met at the front of the barn by Jennifer, who took us out to the paddocks to meet the fuzzy friends. They'd recently been sheared, so looked less teddy-bear than usual, but still wicked cute. One Mama alpaca in particular, Jayden, was especially friendly. She came right over to meet us and we all got some nice snuggles. Her baby, Jaywin, came over to meet us too. The adults got to take turns holding him once we convinced him not to nibble Mom's hat.
alpaca dam
Lesley, Jayden, and Cady.

kids hugging mama alpaca
Max and Stella giving Jayden a double cuddle.

baby alpaca face off
Julie and Jaywin face off. Ultimately, he let Mom keep her hat.

baby alpaca cuddles
Jaywin was very indulgent about being passed around. He was so sweet!

hay feeding in barn
This guy was cracking me up by helping himself to some hay over the edge of his stall. Stella decided to give him a hand (with the approval of the owners, of course).

We also got to tour the barn and learned a lot about how they care for these beauties. Our last stop was the gift shop where I immediately started to drool. If you've never felt alpaca fiber you're missing out. It's soft and silky and beautiful. Marquam Hill Ranch has a ton of beautiful gifts made from Alpaca yarn, as well as fiber for felting and spinning.
Some of the gorgeous items in the gift shop. 

alpaca fleece toy
Max completely fell in love with this guy. I totally understand - he was so soft it was like petting liquid silk.

dyed alpaca roving fleece

I love spinning with alpaca fleece, and couldn't resist picking some up. They even have some separated by the alpaca they came from, so I could really pick the perfect look and feel. And I couldn't resist some yummy colored blend too. You'll be seeing some of this gorgeous fiber turned into hair for the dolls over the next few months. Exciting!
sorted alpaca fleece
Choose your fiber by the animal!

david's tamar alpaca fleece
This is the one I chose. We're going to dye it ourselves - I'll be sure to post pics!

It was really fun to get the tour and made a wonderful ending to a super fun weekend. Hope all your summers are going as great as mine!


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  1. Ack! So cute! I'm so sad Aria and I missed out on all the fun! :( Stupid tummy bug. But I am glad to see that you all had fun! :)