Friday, July 12, 2013

Picture Friday

Hah!  Okay so I totally realized today that not only did I miss last Friday's post but that it was indeed Friday today and I had nothing ready to go.  Whoops.  Its been busy over here.  Between prepping for the course I teach, working on a big research project for the Oregon Health Authority, bringing more Tansy Dolls to life, and working on our Comic Con costumes, well, life has been a little hectic.  So today I bring you pictures from last week.  If you follow all the photos until the end, you'll see a sneak peak of Aria with her white hair extensions for her Rogue cosplay.


So the headband is too big and the wrong color but I think the hair extensions look pretty good.  Once I get her leotard, gloves, and jacket made I think there will be no mistaking who she is supposed to be.  :)
Alright, next week, hopefully I have a real blog post for you.  :)  If you want something fun to do Saturday July 13, 2013, stop by the Mississippi Street Fair.  Tansy Dolls will be there! 


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