Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thick with Plums

I am doubly lucky when it comes to fruit. I have that beautiful cherry tree in my front yard, and an awesome plum tree in the back. When we moved here I knew about the cherries, but the plums were a pleasant surprise. Last year there were a fair amount - enough to eat and gift several pounds. But this year there was a plum explosion. They grew in so thick they look more like bunches of grapes.

I'm not positive what kind they are, but from reading it looks like they're Victorias. Anyway, they're tiny but sweet and delicious. And plentiful. Really really plentiful. I've enlisted help with the picking and processing. Here's my sister Cary helping me pick.

The one real drawback is that the plums are not free stone ones, so getting the pits out of all those tiny buggers takes quite a while. That and the sheer mass of them. So far, I've pulled more than 90 pounds of plums out of that tree and there's a ton more up there. What does one do with 90 pounds of plums? Quite a bit.

So far, I've started 6 gallons of plum wine, made 20 pints of plum jam, 10 pints of party plum jam, and 3 dozen or so plum fruit leathers. I've also eaten more than a few and given them away by the pound. My mom and sister also made some delicious plum chutney. There's probably another 100 pounds up there, so the real question is whether I'll be able to get them picked and processed before they go bad.

Plums! Anyone have ideas for what else I should make? And what I should do with all this jam?


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