Friday, August 2, 2013

Coastal Adventures

Since Aria was born, our family has been without a car.  In fact, I have been without a car most of my adult life.  The wonderful public transformation system here in Portland made this reality a possibility with little serious consequence.  In addition, we have been fortunate enough to have generous friends and family for help when necessary.  But our ability to be spontaneous and to take advantage of all that Oregon has to offer has always been severely limited.  Which is why when we had the opportunity, we decided to purchase a car.  Its an old vehicle with no fancy additions but it has four wheels and it gives us an element of freedom we have never had.  The biggest benefit is that we are able to take family trips and explore the beautiful Oregon outdoors.

This past Sunday we decided that a trip to the coast was in order so we packed up the car and headed out in the morning for the Devil's Punchbowl.  We got there in time for low tide which of course means...Tidal Pools!
After thoroughly exploring all the tidal pools, we packed up our stuff and headed to a local diner for some lunch.  We then randomly drove around looking for a less crowded beach.  We finally settled on one near Pacific City.

Aria delighted in playing chase the waves, climbing up the big sand dune and then trying to slide back down, and running about wildly on the sandy beach.  As it got closer to sundown, we headed to our last destination: Cascade Head.

It was beautiful.  We drove up to the trail head and then hiked up for about a mile to the top of the headland. The view was gorgeous and Aria was fascinated by watching the sunset.  Then we donned our headlamps and hiked back down to the car in the dark.

I swear that a good dose of nature really seems to ground Aria.  With the exception for the first hour, she had less anxiety, less worries, and less complaining.  Of course it doesn't really surprise me.  We could all use a little bit more fresh air and a lot more simple in our lives.


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