Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meet Snow! Our newest 16" Doll

Well, considering I am officially the WORST blogger of the 3 of us here at Tansy Dolls I am kind of proud of myself for posting today (even though my official day is supposed to be Mondays - hah). Well, I'm making progress, right? ;)

I thought I'd share our newest collaboration, a 16" gal, SNOW! She's up for a 24-hour auction on Hyenacart that ends tomorrow night when she finds a loving home with (hopefully) lots of snuggle-time. Here's the link to the little lady:

And some info for ya, Meet Snow!
why, hello!
 Snow is a very special handcrafted 16" Tansy Doll made from the finest clean carded wool and imported DWE cotton.

She has warm brown skin, blushed cheeks, and long blue, purple, and white hair made from the finest all-natural mohair and wool yarn, securely sewn on her head in layers. She has a sparkle in her lavender eyes.
purdy purdy
She is wearing an adorable green dress made by Robin with orange ribbons. Her sweater and boots match, they are crochet with love by Cady and are a mustard yellow color. Snow loves Zebras and has a sweet Zebra button sewn on her fave sweater.

 She has cute little undies as well.
Snow is very cuddly and is sewn to sit (and snuggle!) She would love to be your child's best bud.

enjoying the view
 Have a wonderful day, everyone!


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