Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekend Adventures in Oregon

We are doing our best to enjoy every last drop of this summer while it lasts.  For those of you familiar with the Pacific NW, you know that it rains here 7-9 months out of the year.  Here are a few highlights from our most recent excursion.
Aria was pretty excited to test out the tent as soon as Daddy got it up.  
Who needs plastic toys when nature is so generous?  Aria found out that pine cones stick together if you smoosh them together just so and created a pine cone ray-gun.
Phil picked up a gold pan for pretty cheap and Aria was really intrigued by the idea of possibly finding gold in the creek.  She didn't find any but she had a blast looking and at 5 years old, rocks are pretty interesting all on their own.
She may not have found gold, but she discovered that the pan is useful for dumping creek water all over your head. 
And of course what is camping without dirt, glorious dirt?  Aria put the new shovel to use digging holes and burying pine cones  secrets in various spots around the campsite.
After we packed up the tent and had breakfast, we headed up to the mountain for a bit of snow play in the summer.  Anybody recognize Timberline Lodge from a particular iconic movie?  Hint: Red Rum.  Red Rum. 
It took a bit of hiking to reach the snow since we didn't take the skilift up plus we really wanted to reach a particular patch of snow that was more secluded.  As usual, Aria was a champ although the rocky terrain and high winds made her a little nervous. 
Aria had a blast "sledding" down the little snow hill over and over and over again.
Hiking back out on a little ridge after a fun filled day in the snow.
Happy sigh.  We are so fortunate to live in the beautiful Pacific NW.  So much to see and explore.  What are your favorite family adventures?



  1. Beautiful photos! It looks like you had a great time. Although we've lived here in Portland now for three years, we have yet to go to Timberline. It's so close that it seems ridiculous that we have yet to visit. Anywhere on the Oregon Coast has been our favorite adventure. It's just so unbelievably beautiful over there.

    1. Oh the coast is gorgeous and always a good destination. :)