Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cali Faye Collection Pattern Review

Ha!  So its only a week or two late, but I promised a pattern review.  This one will be short and sweet because I'm also gearing up for the first week of school.  I don't take classes anymore but I do teach one class a term at my university and it takes a good amount of preparation.

Anyhow, I bought several patterns from Cali Faye Collection on Etsy.  Specifically I bought the Simply Chic DressDrewB Blazer, and the Wednesday Dress.

I have to say her patterns are well done.  The only thing I would change is that I would love love love if each size had its own print-out. I get the overlapping sizes on the same sheets of paper.  That is how traditional paper patterns are as well. It makes total sense for paper patterns to have overlapping sizes; its more economical and it saves on paper.  Now, I will say if you have a color printer, Cali Faye Collection does take some of the guess work out by color coding each size.  But I don't have a color printer so each size comes out in some various shade of gray.

With a digital pattern, each size could have its own page numbers. Folks who wanted a size 4 could simply print out the corresponding page numbers rather than try to figure out which line in a sea of lines is the size 4. That aside however her tutorials are super easy to follow and the construction of her clothing is just superb. I think my favorite is the Wednesday dress.  I love the silhouette and I think it has that classic old-timey feel to it.

Here are my versions of the Simply Chic and the Wednesday dresses.

Simply Chic in denim; collar is pink with white pin polka dots.
The Wednesday in some funky green fabric with green satin ribbon.
 I actually also used her Simply Chic dress pattern and the DrewB Blazer pattern to make Aria's costumes for the Rose City Comic Con.
I used the Simply Chic Dress pattern here but left off the collar obviously and added color blocking.
I had an awful time trying to locate a bomber jacket like Rogue's.  So I took the DrewB Blazer and cropped the heck out of it, rolled up the sleeves, and added an X-Men logo on the arm.  Voila!  Rogue Jacket.  :)
Next up, I will be making Aria more Wednesday dresses...we have some Marvel superhero fabric that is calling to be made into a dress.  ;)  I will probably alter the dress to remove the big circle cutout from the back.  Its cute but its rainy season over here and closing up that cut out and adding some thick tights and a cardigan will elevate the dress to winter wear.  :)  

I also really really really want the following patterns from her shop...
Papillon Dress 
Racerback Flare Dress
Raglan Hooded Coat
Tulip Shorts 
Anyhow, if you sew you should check out her patterns.  
Do you have any favorite pattern makers?  Do share.  I love trying out new patterns.  



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