Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rose City Comic Con 2013

Phew!  We've had a busy, but extremely fun weekend.  Saturday and Sunday was the 2nd Annual Rose City Comic Con.  We were there for the first and we were determined to be there for the second.  Aria dressed as Domino for the first one and had so much fun she decided she needed two costumes for the second one.  Heh.  You can sneak a peek at her costume for the first one in this blog post about comics HERE.   This year she decided upon Rogue from the X-Men and Wasp from the Avengers.
Like last year, Aria got a lot of attention for her cosplays.  I mean after all what warms an adult geeky heart more than seeing a little person already fostering a love and appreciation for the same obsession? I could probably write several posts about the fabulous 2 days we had at the comic con but instead I'll condense them into highlights for the sake of brevity.  Mind you, the highlights themselves are still pretty word and picture heavy, but we had a really good time so its the best I could do.

Highlight 1:
All three of us enjoyed perusing the great vendors that the organizers for the Rose City Comic Con lined up. There were some big time celebrities as well as more local ones but they were all great.  I picked up some great artwork and I can barely wait until we get them framed and up on the walls.
Top: The cutest print of kitties as My Little Pony by Katie Cook of Gronk fame.  She does some other fabulous prints with kitties as Star Wars, Avengers, and more.  Bottom L: Baby Avengers by battlerobots !!! Ack, so adorable. Bottom R:  Simply cool Avengers print by Chris Uminga.  
L: Sweet Rogue art by Super Emo Friends.  Come on!!  Don't you just want to snuggle that sad little Rogue?  R: Amazing Thor print by Dane Ault from Monkey Minion Press.  I seriously need to buy all his old timey Avengers prints.  They are so cool.
Aria also got custom artwork from Katie Cook and Andy Price.  Katie Cook is the writer and Andy Price the artist of the My Little Pony comics issues 1-4.
L: Custom Twilight Sparkle by Andy Price.  R: Custom artwork of Aria as Wasp by Katie Cook
Highlight 2:
Meeting all the fabulous con goers who were so incredibly nice to my little girl.  No seriously...these folks are what make the comic con a blast for Aria.  Sure she loves buying cool geeky stuff and meeting some of the creators and minds behind the comics and cartoons, but she also feels like a rock star when folks ask to take her picture or tell her how fabulous she looks in her costume or just treat her with kindness.  I have to say that our experiences at both Rose City Comic Cons has been great in that department.  People are just genuinely nice.  
L: Wookie LOVE.  Ahhhh....  R: Rogue, Phoenix, and Storm.  :)  This awesome lady came up and asked to get a group photo and I was happy to oblige as long as I could get a shot as well.
L: Aria loved running into grown up Rogue.  Grown up Rogue is cosplayed by Abi Sue Cosplay who along with Gambit took first in the Heroes and Villians costume contest.  R: Aria ran into Wolverine and we couldn't miss the opportunity to take a picture.  :)
L: What are the chances that the day Aria goes as Wasp, she runs into an adult Wasp?  R: Ms. Marvel and Wasp.  Ms. Marvel was She Hulk on day one.  Apparently, Aria stole her powers when she was Rogue.  Heh.
L: Wasp and Captain America.  He was very nice when I asked for a picture and then asked us to wait just a moment so he could get his own photo of the two of them together.  R: Wonder Woman was very  busy and she looked exhausted but she was very sweet and posed with Aria for this picture.  Oddly enough, Aria doesn't know much about Wonder Woman but she insists that she is one of her favorites now.  Apparently her imaginary friend/brother Dega dressed up as Wonder Woman last year.  Heh.
Highlight 3:
We entered Aria in the costume contest at the end of Day 1.  She was so incredibly brave as she took that stage all by herself.  I was so proud of her.  It was such a bonus when she took second in the 14 and under costume contest.  Aria was beyond the moon and couldn't stop talking about it all the way home that first night.  

She is so tiny up on that stage.  So proud of my brave girl.
Highlight 4:
Aria joining an impromptu Marvel shoot with a bunch of grown up cosplayers.  Seriously, how cute is this???

Highlight 5:
I shared this on the Tansy Doll FB page already so if you follow us there, you already heard it but bear with me as I tell it again because this might be the top highlight of this year's comic con.  We didn't plan out the comic con very well and resorted to just wandering aimlessly, taking in the booths, vendors, and costumes. Christopher Yost was sitting at his table when we passed him.  For those of you familiar with The Avengers: Earth Mighiest Heroes, Yost is the head writer for the show. He called Aria over to his table and asked if I could take a photo of the two of them together. I said yes, as long as I could take a second on my camera.  He told Aria that he wrote the show and that Wasp was his favorite...before Hulk, Iron Man, and even Thor.  Aria stood wide-eyed, half-smiling at him.  I don't think he knows what an impression he made on her.  She is rather shy and it takes a bit for her to process experiences, especially those that are overwhelming for her.  But the next morning, she insisted on watching the cartoon and said, "Momma, I want to write to Christopher Yost.  He said Wasp is his favorite."  She was all smiles.  THIS is what it is all about. Two minutes, a little attention, and the head writer for a popular Avengers cartoon made Aria feel like a million bucks.  I didn't thank him very well that day because I was a bit overwhelmed myself, but I think we'll send that letter Aria wants to write and I'll be sure to tell him then that I appreciate what he did and that I cannot thank him enough for making my little girl's day.  

So that wraps it up.  We had a blast.  We are all excited about next year's Rose City Comic Con and are already planning costumes.  If you live anywhere in the Pacific NW and haven't checked out the Rose City Comic Con, you should seriously make a point to come to the 2014 one.  They rocked this year's and I can only imagine the next one will be even better.  Thanks to the organizers and volunteers who made it all happen.  See you next year!!! 


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