Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Giggly Grab Bag

It's another grab-bag day! Mostly I just want to share some cool stuff with you. I hope you find something that makes you smile. :)

There's a lot of cool stuff (and a lot of junk) on YouTube. One of my favorite channels is Geek & Sundry, which I definitely think you should check out. One of the wonderful shows they do is called Written by a Kid, and it's exactly what it sounds like; a little kid tells a story and a fabulous crew of actors, animators, etc bring it to life. Here's one of my favorites:

I also very much love ThinkGeek and would happily waste thousands of dollars there if I could. Here's a few choice bits:

Elemensus: Periodic Table Spelling Board Game Buy

It's like Scrabble but way geekier! Instead of plain ole' letters you spell words with chemical symbols from the periodic table. If that's not geeky enough for you, the board is a picture of the Orion constellation.

Magic Wand - Programmable TV Remote Buy
Look! What a pretty magic wand. But wait! It's not just a pretty wand, it's also a programmable TV remote which you then use to control your electronics. Like magic! I mean, come on - that's seriously cool.

I'm also very excited about 3D printers right now. In fact, I'm in the middle of building one with and for my students. This is pretty much the one we're building:
The Pursa Mendel  More Info
3D printers are really cool. Here's a great article that talks about both the silliness and wonderful potential wrapped up in these printers. I'm having so much fun building it! And I can't wait to print! The hard part is going to be deciding where to start. 

And let's wrap up with a funny. This isn't really a video, it's actually part of the radio program Car Talk.  But it's completely hilarious. Trust me, just give it a listen. Maybe somewhere that people won't mind you laughing so loud you cry. 

Ok, that will do for today. What wonderful stuff are you enjoying?


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