Monday, October 28, 2013

Kid's Spider Costume

Hey! Today's not my usual post day, but since I'm sharing a costume tutorial, I thought I should try and get it up as soon as possible in case anyone still needs a costume. Max decided about 2 months ago to be Bob the Builder for Halloween. Cool! Easy costume - I just got him a red plaid shirt and some overalls. He already had the hard hat, tools, and toolbelt. Done! In hindsight, I celebrated too soon. I shouldn't have been surprised when about a week ago he announced he was now going to be a spider. *sigh* Spider it is. It was actually a pretty easy costume to make, so in case you're in need of a last-minute arachnid, here's how I did it...

1 black hooded sweatshirt
2 pairs black pants (one to wear, one to cut)
polyfill (or similar) stuffing
white yarn
white felt
puffy paint or fabric markers
needle & thread

What to do
Take one pair of black pants and turn them inside out. I used a pair a few size too small for Max.
Stitch a long line just off from the middle, then sew a curved bottom to close. Now sew a second long line, about 1/4" from the first, and a curved bottom to close. Now you have 2 spider legs from 1 pant leg! Repeat for the other leg.
I didn't take a picture of this step, so here's a sketch of what you want to do:

Cut carefully between the long lines, around the curved bottom, then across the top. Now you have a nice pile of spider legs. Turn them right side out.

Time to stuff! I went for squishy enough to hold their shape, but not stiff. 

Now sew the legs closed. You could use a machine for this, but I just did it by hand. Turn the edges inside and sew across.

Now sew 2 legs to each side, under the arms. You could certainly make it look nicer than I did, but I had an ulterior motive. I want the hoodie to be reclaimed as a regular hoodie after Halloween, so I wanted everything sewed on enough to last the week, but not really any longer. So it's sewed on tight, but I didn't worry about being very neat. I also only tied the thread to itself, not the sweatshirt  to minimize the disassembly and potential holes.

Now you'll want the stuffed arms to move with the kiddo's arms, so we add some "webbing." For this, I just used some white yarn, and basically made a loop, stitching through top and bottom, then tied it off. I did 2 loops between each arm, er, leg, er, limb.

Ok! That was the hard part - it's pretty quick from here. 

Now for some eyes. You could skip this, but Max was pretty insistent on the 8 eyes. He picked a pattern for the eyeballs, then we each drew a set in puffy paint of white felt. I really love that Max made a set too. When they were dry I let him pick which set we would sew on. He picked his. They may not look quite as neat, but I love how proud he is to have made part of his costume. I mostly only made my set in case he freaked out about his not being perfect, which he totally would have last year.

You could do this with fabric markers instead of puffy paint, and wouldn't have to wait for it to dry.

Ok, now sew the eyes in place! Just add pants and you have a happy spider. :)

Here's my happy spider (minus the black pants - we'll get those on for Halloween though).

I hope you have a spooktacular Halloween! If you need something even quicker, check out last year's Minion Hat Tutorial.


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