Friday, October 25, 2013

OOOOhoooh baby baby, baby baby

Well, I officially win the award for worst blogger in Tansy Dolls Land. (You didn't know there were awards for the worst? Well, there are. I imagine they look like my shrivelled aspirations for kicking ass at consistency.)

Anywho, Cady and Robin have faithfully brought you interesting stories, recipes, and fun ideas to inspire you week after week - and that's one of the many reasons I love these 2 girls - they got my back.

Did you know that every doll we make (and I mean every) is a collaboration between the 3 of us? Robin sews all the bodies and sweet outfits, Cady crochets the adorable sweaters, boots, and even the wig caps, while I handle all the face embroidering and hair color choices. I couldn't really imagine trying to make dolls without those 2 beautiful gals. We work together so well and I am truly grateful to have two awesomely talented friends I get to dream with.

This brings me to my point tonight (yes, there is one! I know, I'm shocked too.)

A few weeks ago we decided to take our relationship to the next level. We decided to get serious. As we gazed into each others eyes we knew the time had come.

We were ready to make a baby together.

Introducing Scarlett Mae, a baby born from a pattern designed by the amazing Jenn at Lali Doll.
It's Scarlett's birthday, let's welcome her to the world!

Why, hello blue eyes!
Scarlett Mae is a 14" button-jointed baby doll made from the finest clean carded wool and imported DWE cotton.
a nice shot of her fox beanie
She has peach skin and platinum blond mohair wefts that are sewn securely in layers and ready to be styled in any way you'd like. She has big bright aqaumarine eyes, sweet little ears, and warm blushed cheeks.
just look at that hair! Gah!!
Scarlett Mae has a pinch-able lil' bum and also a belly button on her round tummy.

I like doll butts and I cannot lie...
Her orange pacifier is magnetic and will stick to her mouth by itself.

check out those baby blues
She comes wearing this amazing fox outfit as well as an extra diaper in a snazzy blue fox & mushroom print.
here's a close-up of her other diaper - do you see the fox? :)
 Scarlett can sit all by herself and can't wait to play pat-a-cake with you.

Unless, of course, she is escaping her pram again - rascal!
 Our dolls are made with love and special attention to detail by Robin, Lesley, and Cady.
Every Tansy Doll is handmade with care and is unique in its own beauty. Our dolls are loved and come with a teeny-tiny birth certificate with care instructions.

my daughter has already requested (and designed) 3 for Xmas, I think I'm going to be a busy mama.
There will be more babies coming very soon! Hey, making babies is fun! (Can I get an "Amen, sister?")

In the meantime, contact us at: hello(at) if you have any questions or want to make a baby with us. ;)

Our site is: and our fb page is: if you'd like to keep in touch (we do love our giveaways and super discounts, just sayin')

Have a wonderful night everyone,

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  1. Scarlett is gorgeous!! I especially love the little cloth diapers, and her hair. Well done! I also love your references to early 90's rap songs, Lesley. Haha