Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Generosity

To those who celebrate, I hope you had a delightfully spooky but fun Halloween.  Aria and I joined Cady and her family for trick or treating where fun was had by all and the kids 
secured a decent stash of candy.
When we got home, it was late.  I promised Aria she could pick out one treat to eat before bed.  As she dumped the candy on the living room floor and slowly started to sort them, I told her in my stern Mom voice that she needed to pick her one treat quickly and not dilly dally.
Except my amazing little girl wasn't dilly dallying.  She was sorting her candies to share with Grandma and Daddy.  I stopped and just looked at her as she thoughtfully considered whether Grandma and Daddy would prefer the sucker or chocolate bar.  I decided that even if it took her an extra 30 minutes to get the candies sorted and bagged, that it wasn't the end of the world. I couldn't bring myself to interrupt the spontaneous generosity of my sweet little girl.

I shouldn't be too terribly surprised.  Aria is actually one of the most generous children I know.  I'm sure I'm a wee bit biased but she is forever stashing toys and trinkets away in her giving box for her friends and cousins.  She takes delight in sharing with those she cares about.  But still, there is nothing quite like seeing a five year old of her own volition split her candy 3 ways (and ultimately 4 ways, when she realized that Mom had no candy) to share it with others.

Damn.  I love this kid.

What do your kids do that warm your heart?  We'd love to hear, feel free to share in the comments or on our FB page.


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