Thursday, December 12, 2013

Buttons and Generosity

Continuing with my favorite family tradition, I thought I'd share what we'd been up to this last week. You will notice that some days are super simple and others are a little more involved.  I try to ensure that there is a good mix of activities, some that require a lot of time and resources and others that require very little.  By waiting the week before to fill out one week's worth of activities, I can ensure that our activities fit into our life.  So on very busy days, our activity may be low on resource and time effort but on our slower days, our activities are likely to be higher on resource and time effort.  Its one way I have ensured that the activity advent calendar is a successful family tradition.

Day 6: make a Christmas doodle with momma!  Aria and I take turns, I draw a little picture and she colors what I drew and then she draws a picture that I color.  We continue until we are satisfied.
Day 7: make button ornaments with grandma.  I was at a craft fair this night so I let grandma take the reins for this one.  Arias is at the bottom of the photo; grandmas is at the top.
Day 9: paint a nutcracker.  Aria loved this one and has been cracking sprinkles in his mouth.
Day 10: check out Christmas books from the library. Well that was the intention but Aria has her parents taste in books and after picking two Christmas books she selected 3 fantasy novels.
Day 11: paint pottery for someone special.  She completed three pieces.  This one was her second and it's actually a gift for me, but she told me I'm supposed to forget so she can gift it to me for Christmas.  Heh!

But wait, you may be asking...what happened to Day 8?  Aha...I have saved my favorite activity of this week for the last.

On day 8 we visited Alpenrose Dairy to see Santa.  We never intended to tell Aria that Santa was real, in fact I told her that Santa was just a story when she was a toddler.  But last year she met this Santa at the dairy and decided that THIS was the real Santa. It seemed really important to her so we've let it be.  Sometimes you just need a little magic in your life.

Anyhow I digress.  Day 8 we headed out to Alpenrose Dairy to visit Santa.  We had a few hiccups in the morning as my sensory kid struggles with getting dressed, but she finally settled on this fancy little number.  I think she was channeling the 80's.

The night before while she was making button ornaments with grandma she had pulled out a handful of the best and shiniest buttons from my stash.  She put these in a tin that she hid in her room.  After getting dressed, Aria ran to collect the tin full of buttons and informed us that she was giving these to Santa as a gift. Which is exactly what she did and the photographer captured the moment with his camera.  Santa told Aria that he rarely gets gifts from the children and Aria beamed with pride when he told her what a lovely gift she had brought him.

I was incredibly touched that my sweet child would think to bring Santa a gift all on her own.  It was such a sweet and spontaneous act of kindness and generosity.  

What has your family been up to these December days?  Any favorite memories in the making?


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