Tuesday, December 10, 2013

IKEA Hack King Size Bed

I have a tutorial for you today! Now, I know my tutorials are usually recipes, or small craft items, but today we're making a bed. A big one! Matt and I have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for quite a while now. We keep saying we're going to get a frame, or build one. We've looked at them at several furniture stores, from used, to IKEA, to fancier stores. Usually we could only find ones that were either too expensive, not our taste, or too flimsy. We looked at some tutorials and designs, drew some plans, but never settled on anything or got started.

Finally, last week we decided we'd do something like this IKEA Hack tutorial. But bigger, and stronger. Storage to boot! So when I ended up with a day free on Monday, I decided to just go for it. I love how it came out, so I thought I'd share.

Phillips head screwdriver
Soft blow hammer (or something similar, like a hardback book) - to help in assembling the IKEA stuff
Saw (only if you're doing your own cutting)
Staple gun (helpful, but optional)

2   5x1 Expedit shelves
2   1x1 Expedit shelves (optional)
2   78" x 41" x 3/8" plywood boards
8   4" x 4" posts, 17 3/8" long
1   king size flat sheet
1   box 3" screws (deck screws are nice, but whatever you have)
King Size mattress


  1. Build your IKEA shelves following the included instructions. You'll definitely want the 2 tall ones, and I think the 2 boxes make it much more stable and attractive, but you could substitute in a few extra posts instead if you want. 
  2. Cut your plywood boards and posts to size. I recommend having this done for you at the store. I bought my wood at Home Depot and they did all my cuts for me for free. They cut the two  4' x 8' plywood boards down, and one 12' 4x4 into 17 3/8" chunks. 
  3. Lay out your large shelves. Arrange the middle posts as pictured below. Lay one of the plywood sheets across the shelves. Shift the posts to that they are near the middle edge of the plywood, and near the shelves. 
  4. Draw the shape of the post on the upper surface and plan out your screw placement. I used 2 per post, but more would be even stronger. Drill your pilot holes. Drive in screws.
  5. Now lay out the other 6 posts. 2 go near the middle, mirroring the fist 2, but for the other board. The other 4 go along the back. Lay the second piece of plywood across this structure. 
  6. Trace, drill, and screw in these 6 posts, as in step 4. 
  7. Drape the flat sheet across the whole bed. Staple along the back. Draw the sheet tight, tuck under the board, and staple securely. I actually only stapled to the back board, not the front, so that the pieces could still come apart. Once I moved it into place I tucked the sheet around the front board. 
  8. Place the small shelves under the foot edge on the frame. 
  9. Now add a mattress and linens! Ta-da!
We already had a number of the materials for this, but if I'd had to buy it all it would have been about $220 plus the cost of a mattress. Pretty good! It has tons of storage around the edges,  plus, there's a nice storage channel down the middle for boxes or big items. 

There are in-process photos below. This was a great project and I hope it helps some of you out!


1 - Build IKEA shelves

3 - Lay out shelves

3 - Arrange posts

3 - Lay out plywood

4 - Draw post outline and drill pilot holes

4 - Drive in screws

5 - Lay out other posts

5 - Lay out second plywood sheet

7 - Drape sheet over assembled boards

7 - Staple sheet in place

8 - Tuck small shelves in place

9 - Add mattress

9 - Add linens (and stuffed animals)


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    1. Thanks! Glad you like it, and I hope your projects go great!