Sunday, February 23, 2014

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy...

Why hello everyone,

I'm sneaking in an end-of-the-weekend evening post to show you this sweet, soft baby boy we've just finished. Welcome to the world, little one! And my, he is a sleepy little guy...
just snooooozzzzzzzzzzin'

Time to wake up, sleepyhead...
It's time for us to kiss each one of your sweet little freckles and have some snuggletime. But first, let's get you bundled up - you're traveling to meet your new daddy soon!

Wait! Where are you going? Ah, I think we have another frisky one here, ready to explore!

There we are, into your lovely golden leaf diapers you go. This wee one has the softest auburn hair to match his Daddy, made from a mohair 'fur' wig, it feels just so cuddly and special.

learning not to wiggle too much for diaper changing time
There we go, that feels better. Now just one button...and the second...

and you're done!
Up! Up!
Oh yes, I'm sure you will have many hugs waiting you while you're being carried by your Papa. Soon little guy, soon.
Oh! And there he goes again, well alright - just one more little nap before heading off to meet your new family.

Sweet dreams little one, and sleep tight. Many exciting adventures await you.

Have a wonderful night, everyone,


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