Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Max turns 6!

Holy heck - time flies! Max turned 6 last weekend. 6! Wow. 

Anyway, we had a fun little party at home, so wanted to share some of the party hits with you guys. 

First off, there's the cake. Now usually I'm all about taste over appearance, but birthday cakes are kind of the exception. Still, taste is certainly important. Max wanted Vanilla cake, vanilla frosting, and vanilla ice cream. Not exactly adventurous in the flavor department this year. I went with the basic sponge cake from Martha Stewart. Then we topped it with Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting. I've posted that one here before, and Sweetopolita has a great tutorial for it.

Max had said he wanted a train (shocking) going down the track, with bushes, and some Lego buildings (double shocking). I was all set to color frosting for train tracks and bushes and the like, but he decided they should all be white to show they were covered in snow. Easy, if a little monochromatic. Earlier in the weeks we had made a train cake topper from Scullpy and wood. Specifically, Max says it's a model TGV.
The model TGV, complete with headlights and fan vents.
Then I found these great Lego-style block candies at the Sweet Factory. They're great! They taste a lot like Pez, and they stack just like Legos! Well, maybe they don't click as tight, but it's pretty good for candy!
Max and Aria had a blast building the finishing touches on the cake.

I think the finished product is pretty fun. And it was delicious.

You may notice there's not really space for candles. That's because we have something of a family tradition for birthday candles now. You have to see these things to believe them. They're called the Magical Happy Birthday Candle and magical they are. They have candles, a sparkler, they move, spin, and sing. Check it out:

Ok, but the cake wasn't until almost the end. Before that, we had a treasure hunt. Max loves doing treasure hunts. It was a lot easier this year now that the kiddos can read fairly well. In previous years we've had to do all the clues with pictures. Here are some of this year's clues:

At the end they found a treasure chest full of little wooden trains Matt and I made. Then they got to paint these, which was also a hit. Max was thrilled and is already planning extra cars.

Ok, one last fun thing. We got Max two main presents this year. The first is a Kiwi Crate subscription, which we're all really excited about. Basically, Max will get a box in the mail each month with crafts and activities and educational what-not. I'll let you guys know how that goes. :)
The second, was a box of coupons. They were for things like a trip to the zoo, an extra turn on TV, 30 minutes of playtime with Mom or Dad (like for those nights when we're busy, but Max wants some attention), etc. He didn't get what they were right away, but now he's really into the idea. He's cashed in 3 already and is angling how to get more. Hooray!

I think it was a smashing success! Thank you to all who helped make it magical!

Do you have any special birthday secrets to share?


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