Monday, March 31, 2014

Emerald City Comic Con 2014

We spent the weekend in Seattle for the Emerald City Comic Con.  It was three fun filled days of absolute geeky awesomeness!  Aria had not one but three costumes!  Thank goodness she is willing to recycle one of them for Halloween.

Day 1: Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service on Friday.  This was by far her most popular costume. Seriously 40 people asked to take her picture.  

Aria found a few other Studio Ghibli characters including another Kiki!  We actually didn't take that many pics because we were all just a little overwhelmed with the size of the comic con and the sheer number of people.

Day 2: Zita from Zita the Spacegirl.  Not as many people were familiar with her costume but those who were really made her feel special.  By the way, if you don't know Zita, take steps to fix that.  You won't be sorry.  Pretty much anything that first second book publishes is fab.  Read my review of Zita here:

The highlight of the day though was taking pics at Gasworks Park.  Seriously it made for a really awesome backdrop for Zita pics. We sent a few of the best ones to Ben Hatke (Zita creator).  Yes, he responded.  Said they were great and that the park was amazing.  Yes, I totally geeked out that he responded.  Hey, Zita totally rocks.  

Day 3: Coraline.  This is actually one costume I made very little of.  I made the hair clip and the boot covers because oddly enough iconic yellow rainboots in kid sizes are near impossible to find.  We dyed her hair blue but since we didn't bleach it, it wasn't super apparent. However when she got in the right light you could see the blue sheen. 

Poor girl didn't feel well the last day.  We thought it might be from too much geeky fun so we let we take a nap at the comic con.  I asked her repeatedly if she wanted to go back to the hotel, but my dedicated little geek didn't want to leave.  Sadly even after a nap, she wasn't feeling well so we decided it was probably best if we left and let her sleep at the hotel.  

But that is not all...
A big highlight from Aria's weekend was visiting the Comic Book Characters for Causes (CBC4C) booth.  She met many of these folks at last years Rose City Comic Con.  They made her feel like a rock star then and they did the same at ECCC.  These folks are seriously amazing.  Not only are they really talented cosplayers but they use their talents to raise money for charitable organizations like the Seattle's Children Hospital.  If you are in the charitable mood, click on the link above to go their site to see how you can support their endeavors.  I am pretty sure they will have their t-shirts up for sale soon.  You can also follow CBC4C on Facebook.  If you can't support them monetarily, liking their page and sharing is extremely helpful.

You might recognize Abi Sue (I posted pics last year of Aria and Abi both dressed as Rogue), the Tony Stark behind Aria I believe is Jason, one of the owners/founders of CBC4C.  Gambit, I remember from RCCC.  I'm not sure of his real name though he does an excellent Gambit.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure who the other talented cosplayers are.  [Photo by Snap it! Photography]

 Aria with Kristen (aka Captain Marvel), owner/founder of CBC4C.  She has a cosplay page on FB as well.  [Photo by Snap it! Photography]

Aria with Kristen again (this time she is Valkyrie).  The kiddo really really really wanted to stop by their booth again and snap another photo.  [Photo by Snap it! Photography]

Aria wouldn't stop talking about this fabulous group of cosplayers.  She remembers how kind they were to her from last year and she was just shocked they remembered her this year.  Anybody who makes my child beam from ear to ear is pretty much a superhero in my book (costume optional). 


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