Monday, March 17, 2014

Long days, short years

The days are long but the years are short

I think like many people but perhaps most particularly like many parents that phrase resonates in the very core of my being.  It seems only yesterday that I brought my not so tiny newborn (all 9 lbs and 15 oz of her) home from the hospital.  

Aria could already hold her head up at birth and the nurses jokingly referred to her as the 3 month old newborn.  

She was crawling by 5 months, pulling herself up and cruising with the aid of furniture by 7 months, and walking by 9 months.

Quicker than I would have imagined, we were celebrating her first birthday.  Already an old pro at walking, she instead worked on climbing, jumping, and running.

And then she was two.  Her sweet and loving nature was shining brightly by then.  No animals or even bugs needed to fear her soft hands.  It was as if she had a connection with our more vulnerable animal friends and she treated them with sweet gentleness.  

The threes were more challenging, as she strove to figure out the boundaries.  She had big emotions but an even bigger heart.  She was most at home in the woods or at the coast.  She concentrated fiercely as she dug and played in dirt and sand.  

By the time Aria was four, she had her own sense of style and a huge personality to match.  Creative, imaginative, bright, compassionate, and endlessly inquisitive... 

By the age of five, Miss Aria had become one of the most generous kids (or actually people) that I know.  She started a giveaway box to house all the trinkets and toys she wants to give to her friends and cousins.  

I've no idea what awaits us at age 6, but I'm sure she will astound and amaze me as usual.  I'm such in love with my beautiful child with her eccentric personality and old soul.

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