Saturday, March 1, 2014

Small victories

Today I am feeling emotional.  It was the last day of ballet.  It's been a tough last two months.  Aria wanted to be in ballet so badly but she hated the leotard and tights.  She clawed at the outfit and wailed in discomfort when she put it on.  Every single time, I reminded her she didn't have to go but she insisted on going.  

It was tough for her.  It was tough for me too.  I would watch as the other kids happily pranced around the room, holding hands and giggling.  Aria would stay off to the side, just a little apart from the other kids.

But she did it.  She went every Sunday even though the outfit was pure torture to her.  She got up and she danced and it was neat to see how ballet gave her something else to focus on.  When she was dancing she could do things she typically had a hard time doing, like holding someone's hand or standing close to other kids. 

This session is over.   She could sign up for another but I think we all need a little break and Aria is interested in trying a martial arts class.  

She did it though and I'm so proud of her.  


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