Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Bunny Butt Cake

How was everyone's Easter? Ours was pleasant and mellow, exactly as I like it. We have decidedly secular traditions, mostly involving egg hunts and candy. Max and I dyed eggs on Saturday, the grown-ups seeded the backyard with candy-filled neon plastic Saturday night, then we had a lovely big family lunch and egg hunt on Sunday. Max got to hunt to whole mass of eggs himself this year, which was kind of fun. The grownups helped ferret out the last few at the end.

Then Max took all the real dyed eggs out and hid them for the grownups to find. That was his idea and I thought a pretty cute twist. The Easter Bunny (ahem *Gramdmas!* ahem) also saw fit to bring him a candy & toy bucket and a Lego set. So Max built Legos while we made deviled eggs and set up lunch. Delicious food was had, then we got to my Easter treat for the year. 

Mom had sent me a link to an adorable Easter cake a week or so ago, and I happily took up the challenge of making my own version. Have you seen a Bunny Butt cake? Maybe on Pinterest or somewhere? They're pretty cute. The one Mom linked me was from My Button Cake and was too cute not to love. Here's her version:
So cute! The full tutorial is here
I really liked her tutorial but had to make a few changes for my family's tastes. I stuck with her chocolate cake recipe (which I really liked!), but filled mine with homemade blueberry jam, then frosted it with dark chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream. Because, really, once I tried that frosting and got it right, none other will now do!

For the bunny butt itself, I used edible modeling dough. (It's edible, but only technically. Yuck.) The flowers, leaves, and twigs were molded out of gum paste. (Also just barely edible.) Details were added with food coloring pens like these. All told, it's probably on of the prettiest cakes I've made. I love how it all came out and it was darn tasty to boot! 

Did you do anything special for Easter? Or Spring? Let us know!


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