Please read through our FAQs and you may find the answer to your question here! If not, you can always CONTACT US at hello@tansyDOLLS dot com (please be patient with our response time though, we try to keep our fingers busy making dolls)

 - When are dolls uploaded for sale?
We try to upload every week, Thursdays at noon (pacific coast time), if there is ever a delay we notify everyone through our Tansy Dolls Facebook account - which we urge you to join!
Our sneak peak pix are uploaded every Sunday for the upcoming week - and this is announced on Facebook as well. :0)

- I like your dolls but I haven't found the perfect one yet.  What can I do?
Occasionally you can find a custom listing for a 16" or 10" blossom doll.  If you can snag one, you can purchase a  CUSTOM Tansy Doll! You choose the hair/eye/and skin color of your little lovlie!

- How much do the dolls cost?
Our 16" Tansy Dolls cost between $200 - $220, depending on the special "extras" each individual doll has. Some more expensive extras include: hand spun/dyed wool hair, bamboo stuffing, curly (boucle) hair, etc...

- Wow. That's expensive - Why?

We know, it's pricey. It boils down to the quality of materials used and the pain-staking amount of time spent creating each doll with love and tons of attention to detail. Our dolls are made from the finest imported European cotton interlock, and they are stuffed with over a pound of very clean wool. Their wigs are by far the most expensive part on them, and if you've seen one in person you know that they have tons of beautiful hair to play with! Each dolls takes about 10 hours to create - and don't forget about their adorable outfits.

 - What do your dolls come with?
Each 16" Tansy Doll comes with a special outfit, undies, shoes, a birth certificate, and lifetime guarantee.

 - How do I wash a Tansy Doll?
Washing and Care instructions are included with your doll when you receive them.

 - Are the dolls durable?

YES!! Our dolls are made with the utmost care, with attention to detail and longevity. It is our sincere wish that the doll you purchase becomes a family heirloom to hand down to your children's children.

However, in traditional fashion Tansy Dolls are handmade with cotton and wool  - therefore they do need to be treated a tad more gently. Included in your washing instructions are also tips on how to care for your Tansy doll so they may continue to look great in years to come.

If ever you need to send your doll to the 'Hospital' for fixing, you can contact us and we will give you further instructions.

 - What materials are the dolls made from?
Our dolls are made from the finest imported European cotton interlock and tightly stuffed with over a pound of clean lamb's wool. Their cute faces are embroidered with love and cotton thread and their cheeks are blushed. Their hair is made from an all-natural mix of wool, mohair, and rayon, with special hand spun and dyed locks.

Every Tansy doll is handmade with care and is unique in it's own beauty.

 - Why wool?
So many reasons!

WARMTH. Wool is a natural insulator and absorbs a wonderfully warm feeling within our dolls.
NATURALLY ABSORBENT Wool fiber not only pulls excess heat, but also drwas in smells. It is very comforting for little ones to have a dollie that smells just like home.
NATURALLY MILDEW AND MOLD RESISTANT Wool repels moisture, and mildew and mold require moisture to grow. Wool is also water repellent and resists lint, dust, and dirt.
NATURALLY NON-ALLERGENIC  Although some people do have a rare natural allergy to lanolin, wool is almost entirely non-allergenic. (most people who think they are allergic to wool, are actually allergic to the harsh chemicals some companies use to clean it)
RENEWABLE AND SUSTAINABLE  Wool (shorn from sheep annually) is a renewable resource!

"Wool from free-grazing sheep, treated ethically throughout their long lives, represents a traditional small-scale industry that once thrived in America. Today, many small organic farmers are returning to this sustainable industry to create clean and healthy wool that is produced without stress to the animals or the environment." from Organic Clothing

 - Can you add freckles to my doll?
Most definitely! Please add it in a note when you purchase your Tansy doll.  We are also willing to add scars or birthmarks.  Please email us a picture if you are trying to replicate one on your child and our master embroiderer will get back to you on a plan.

- What is your return policy?

Returns are very rare, but we will gladly take your doll back. You will be responsible for paying return shipping and we will refund you your invoice amount.

 - HELP!!!  We've had a dollie accident, can you fix my doll?
Yes, we sure can. Please email us the full details so that we can come up with a plan. We take great care in making our dolls and will do everything in our power to repair him or her!

- Do you ship Internationally?

- What are your shipping rates?
These rates are applied to all doll purchases:

US and Canada:
$150 and up - $24.00

$155 and up - $55.00

Packages under the size of our normal doll box (for example: an outfit) is a much smaller cost. If the postage price comes in lower then what we've charged  you, we refund the difference.

We are not responsible for the rare occurrence an item gets lost in the mail.  Rest assured, we will always do our best to track your item if this ever does happen!

 - Where are you located?
In beautiful Portlandia - erm, we mean Portland, OR.

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