Sunday, September 30, 2012

Around Town with Tansy - Seattle trip!

Happy Monday, folks and Happy October 1st!

Autumn in Stumptown is my favorite time of year. The leaves are gorgeous, it's still sunny yet the air is crisp, the pumpkin patches are calling our names, and Halloween is on it's way! Hmmm, I guess I'd better get to making my kid's costumes...

Anywho - enough about my city - today I'm going to talk about a nice trip I recently took to our big sister to the north: Seattle.

Last weekend my mom and I left the hubs with the kiddos (thx again, babe!) and had our first mother/daughter vacation in whoknowshowlong.

We did the ultimate touristy thing and stayed downtown right by Pike Place, went on 2 walking tours, and stuffed our faces the whole time - and now you get to hear all about it! hah. Consider this my guide to a quick trip (we weren't even there for 2 full days!) to Seattle done right:

Pike Place Market Seattle tours
The famous Pike Place Market at night - notice the horse drawn carriage.

We found a good deal online at the Executive Hotel Pacific (you're welcome for the plug! I wonder if I can get a discount next time? hmmm...) at 400 Spring Street. The building is old, but the hotel is renovated and very modern. Service was great, guests are welcome to a free wine tasting, but the key point is that it's location is smack-dab in the middle of walking distance to both Pike Place and the Seattle Underground Tour (did you know that the city of Seattle is built on top of itself? Pretty cool.)  Parking can get dicey downtown, so I recommend just parkin' it and walking the whole time.

 In honor of October, I'm going to focus most of this post on the fabulously creepy tour we took the night we arrived.
ghost tours seattle pike place
I wonder if we'll photograph some orbs? ;)
 We began our adventure early that evening with a walk to Pike Place and hopped on the Market Ghost Tour.  Now, I'm sort of a tour-junkie. I like to hear all the little tidbits of history and anecdotes that make a place unique. That said, The Market Ghost Tour was hands-down one of the BEST tours I've been on!
Market Ghost Tour Seattle Pike Place
My mom waiting to get spooky on the tour
 Located down an alley at the Pike's in an espresso shop of the same name - I highly recommend doing this tour at night. Well worth the $13, the tour guide was friendly & funny and the tour was fascinating (you get to see the Market all cleaned up and closed down - in STARK contrast to the morning crowds).

Pike Place flying Fish Seattle Tour
The hustle & bustle of the morning (yes, he's throwing a fish - can you spot it?)

Pike Place Seattle Tours
and the eerie silence of night (EVERYTHING gets cleaned up and packed away)
 We learned about turn of the century brothels and their vicious Madames, conniving Barbers, the Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918, the first female serial killer Dr. Hazzard (the name should've tipped them off, no?), and a shady Mortuary run by the corrupt E.R.Butterworth.
E.R. Butterworth 1921 First Avenue
1921 First Avenue - do a search on it! You won't be disappointed. ;)
Between our awesome tours and getting to actually shop the Market the next day with all it's beautiful produce, flowers, trinkets, and fresh fish (clam chowder in a bread bowl- yes, please!) we had an amazing time.

The owner of the Ghost Tour, Mercedes Yaeger, has a book: Seattle's Market Ghost Stories that I made sure to purchase in celebration of our trip and to get me in the mood for a haunted Halloween.

Have a great start to Autumn, everyone! We have some special costumes on the way!

Tansy Doll's witch hat bamboletta doll costumes
git cher broomstick & ride!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Holiday Gift Guide Part II: Trains, Fairies, and Lil' Artists

If you missed the first part of the Tansy Dolls Holiday Gift Guide, you might want to check it out.  For one, there are some great shops listed that you should check out!  And two, you can earn an extra entry into the Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway by sharing Part I on your Facebook wall.  What's that?  You didn't know there was a giveaway?   Let's see if we can remedy that!  One lucky reader who enters the Tansy Doll Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway will win $30.00 to put towards any ONE shop featured in the 6 part series gift guide. All you have to do is click here and enter by following the directions.  As each part of the gift guide goes live, there will be additional ways to earn entries, so you'll want to keep checking back!

Here's a reminder of the schedule:
Sept 14 - Waldorf Inspired Toys
Sept 28 - Transportation, Fairies, and Lil' Artists
Oct 12 - Clothing and other Wearables
Oct 26 - Tiny Treasures
Nov 9 - Pamper Thyself
Nov 23 - TBA

Today's gift guide is inspired by three fabulous children that I am blessed to have in my life: Max, Stella, and Aria.  If you've been following along on our blog you probably recognize the names.  But just in case you don't...Max is Cady's son, Stella is Lesley's daughter, and Aria is my daughter.


Max is a train aficionado and has a huge train collection.  Amongst his train collection is the usual suspects...Thomas and his friends, but Max has branched out over the years to include Dinosaur Train, Lego Trains, and various other train toys.  He loves trains so much that for at least a few years there he believed he was a train.  I think that belief is starting to wane, but I don't know that his love of trains ever will.  In fact, if anything I think his love of trains is growing as his knowledge about real trains expands.  If you have a train lover in your life, you'll want to check out these great train items I found.

Gary Murphy of Circatoys makes these fabulous wood toys from simple shapes that can be assembled and disassembled with threaded nuts and pegs for hours of creative and imaginative fun.  They are so beautifully handcrafted, that I seriously think I want a set just for myself.  The train and cart set is $59.00 and comes with 53 pieces. He doesn't appear to have a Facebook page, but he does have a website.  Check out some of his other designs at

You have two options if you think this would be a perfect gift for your little train lover.  You can either purchase the completed playhouse for $195.00 or the pattern for $18.00.  I think this would make a perfect hiding or nap spot for any train enthusiast!  And if your kid is not particularly into trains, she makes them in other themes as well.  I'm rather partial to the pirate ship playhouse!  Check out her Facebook at

3. On-the-go Train Mat by Beeps' Peeps
When you're a serious train lover like Max, you can't let traveling slow you down.  This on-the-go train mat features two bays to hold your child's favorite trains (fits Thomas, Brio, and other similarly sized trains) and a raised bridge!  Follow Beeps' Peeps on facebook at

4. Train Tunnel Kit by toolboxkids
For just $14.00 your train lover can design and paint his/her own train tunnel!!  Seriously, how cool is this!?  Shhh...don't tell Max, but I think this is going to be one of his gifts.  It combines several of his interests: Trains and Crafting.  Also check out the Aircraft Carrier Playset Kit!  Awesome! Follow toolboxkids on Facebook at

5. The Bigger-than-life Train by ForeverAfter
If you really want to make a HUGE impact, get your train lover this HUGE wooden train!  The engine is 16 1/2" long, 11.25" wide and 14 1/2" tall to the top of the smoke stack.  With the two cars, the length is just over 43".  At $175, the price is pretty fabulous for a toy that will surely be passed down for generations.  You can even pick your own accent color, so no worries if you train lover prefers a different color over blue.  And you should definitely check out the other products.  The wooden camera and play-food are simply fabulous!  They do not appear to have a Facebook page, but I'm sure they are happy to talk to you via Etsy. 
Stella is a gal of many interests so it was hard to narrow it down to just one, but I decided to go with fairies and gnomes.  She really does love them but the real reason I went with that particular theme is that she reminds me of a garden fairy or maybe a little sprite herself; delightful and impish at the same time.  For her fourth birthday, she had a grand fairy garden party complete with toadstool floor pillows, wands, and birds' nests.  I rather sort of think that fairies, gnomes, sprites, and all those little mystical creatures embody the very innocence and wonder of childhood.  I also think that the items I found will help bring a little more magic into your child's world.

 1. Fairy in a Bottle Necklace by GeekOUTlet
For just a mere $20.00 you can give your fairy loving child a fairy in a bottle to wear around his/her neck! You select the color.  This one would be great for older children, especially older children who like to play video games.  While I think any fairy lover would appreciate his/her own little fairy to tote around, these particular ones are inspired by the fairies from The Legend of Zelda.  And you HAVE to check out her other items if you consider yourself a geek.  She also carries Super Mario Bro. stars, resident evil, and Harry Potter themed jewelry (think potions) and other geeky gear.  Personally, I think my stocking NEEDS the glow in the dark glass orb galaxy necklace!  Don't miss out on updates, follow

2. Gnome Doll by Riley Construction
What fairy garden is complete without a few gnome friends?  Each gnome is $48.00 and is made from a combination of wool felt, ecofelt, and fleece.  And while you're in her shop you should pick up some mushroom dolls!  So cute!!  Follow her shop on Facebook at

3. Little Mushroom House and Gnome by Rjabinnik
The whole shop is filled with delightful hand carved wood toys, painted with food grade paints, and finished with beeswax.  The prices vary but you can pick up a single figure for about $9.00.  These mushroom house and gnome sets retail for $16.60 for each set so make sure to select the color you want.  It also looks like the shop takes custom orders, but give them at least a month; so order early! Their Facebook page is

4. Big Gnome Tree Fort by Willodel
Carved from Aspen and sealed with beeswax and natural oils, this 9.5" tall and 7" wide tree fort is sure to delight your child.  This particular one costs $82.00, but she makes a variety in different shapes and sizes so you should check out the entire store.  Now, I wonder....can she make me one in my size?  Follow Willodel on Facebook at

Lil' Artists
If you've been checking out the Art with Aria blog posts, then you probably already know that I have a little artist on my hands.  Since she was a very young child, she preferred to create her own pictures and drawings rather than use coloring books.   Our walls are plastered in artwork and our shelves packed with art supplies. My child is easily distracted by noise and activity but sit her in front of paper and hand her some paints and she suddenly becomes engrossed with her task at hand.  If you have a little artist in your life, you'll want to check out some of these great supplies! 

A tube of five 4oz tubs of play clay retails for $21.99.  The play clay is made from gluten free flour and organic essential oils. This set includes lavender, sweet orange, bergamot, lemongrass, and geranium.  You can also buy cardamom and chamomile separately.  Or you can splurge and pick up a pack of all seven colors plus a maple roller and 3 cookie cutters for $38.00.  Follow her on Facebook at

A pack of seven hazel crayons retails for $13.33 or you can grab just one for $2.08.  These wax crayons are made from locally sourced Hazel.  The chunky size makes them perfect for little hands to hold and almost impossible to break!  While Aria has never really shown an affinity towards crayons, I think these ones just might make her change her mind.  If you happen to be a crafty parent, check out the wood buttons.  *drool*  Follow the shop on Facebook at for updates.

Every artist needs a special little tote to carry along his/her art supplies.  This little tote retails for $46.47 and is made from recycled and repurposed materials. me a favor and don't buy this particular one!  Aria's favorite animal happens to be an elephant so I rather think this one was made just for her.  ;)  The shop is actually a social cooperative located in Venice, Italy and they specialize in reclaimed and repurposed household goods and accessories.  Check out their fish backpacks, seriously adorable stuff.  Follow their Facebook page at

This kit retails for $29.95 and comes with six earth colors and biodegradable mixing cups.  The powdered paint is made primarily from naturally colored clay collected from the ground and is both eco-friendly and non-toxic.  Powdered paint gives you flexibility in making your paint in the consistency of your liking. Follow the shop on Facebook at for art ideas and updates.

$10.00 will get you four colors of your choice.  We haven't tried modeling beeswax, but this one will definitely be in Aria's stocking this Christmas.  Modeling beeswax becomes pliable with the warmth of your hands and inspires creativity and imagination in children and adults alike.  Twinkle of My Eye doesn't have a Facebook page, but the shop has impeccable feedback.

How fabulous were these finds?!!  Who needs to shop big box stores when there are so many great small businesses out there selling high quality and unique products?  If you shop at any of the stores or "like" any of their Facebook pages, be sure to let them know you heard about them through the Tansy Dolls Holiday Gift Guide.  Make sure to check back for more lovely gift ideas on Oct 12.  I'm excited about that one.  Time to showcase some of my favorite handmade clothing and accessory shops as well as discover new ones!  And don't forget to enter the Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway for a chance to win $30.00 towards one of the shops listed in our 6 part Tansy Doll Holiday Gift Guide.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Earring Hanger Tutorial

free earring jewelry hanger display tutorial
Hey folks! Today, I'm going to show you how to make this nifty earring hanger. It's really, really easy and I love the finished product. It's also quick, cheap, and useful, so it might make a nice present to give someone else.

Here's what you'll need:
An embroidery hoop   (I use a 10 in. hoop from JoAnn's - less than $2)
Window screening material   (I use aluminum screen like this. Depending on roll size, you can probably find some for $5-10 at your local hardware store and have plenty to make several.)
Some strong scissors or shears   (I use my kitchen shears)

$10 jewelry display

Okay, first off you separate the two pieces of the hoop, then lay the unrolled window screen across the bottom hoop.

free tutorial

Next, use the shears to trim the screen to within a few inches of the hoop. This will leave little wire scraps and threads so be sure to clean those up before the kiddos get them.

screen earring hanger tutorial

Now you just place the top circle of the hoop over the screen and push down. This is the only slightly tricky part. Open the top circle as wide as it goes, wedge it over the screen as tight as possible, then tighten the little screw on top until it's nice and snug. You'll have to do a fair amount of wiggling and tugging on the back part of the screen to get it all lined up nicely, but once you do just tighten it down.

screen jewelry hanger tutorial

Now that it's nice and tight, use the scissors or shears to trim the screen to within an inch or so of the hoop all around the back. 

wire jewelry hanger tutorial

Last but not least, bend the screen back under the lip of the hoop. Careful not to poke yourself - those wires ends are sharp. Maybe use work gloves if you have sensitive hands.

wire earring hanger tutorial

Voila! Finished product!

hoop jewelry display

Now it can just hang on the wall wherever you need it! This one was sent off to Lesley's house. I have one that hangs in my bathroom and holds earrings. You could also use it to hold pins or broaches pretty easily.

I also wanted to share a cool Portland thing with you guys. Last weekend we took Max to the opening of the Oregon Rail Heritage Center which is down near OMSI.

There are 3 steam locomotives housed down there, once of which we toured. There were also some diesels there being restored, some coach and sleeper cars to tour, and a seriously awesome Lego model railway running. That's a lot of serious train love, especially for a free event! The Center is run by the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation, which is raising money to build a more permanent Train Center. Go show them some love! They're open Thurs - Sun, 1 - 5 pm. They also run the Holiday Express train, which you can bet we'll be on!

Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation train day
Max and Dad looking at an awesome 110 ft steam locomotive! Max even got to sit in the driver's seat!

Lastly, did you guys see how close we're getting to giving away a Tansy Doll? Go enter the giveaway if you haven't already! And if you have, keep sharing the page! We can't give away a doll until we hit 500! There are also lots of was to get extra entries, so check back often!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Announcing the Behhhhhbayyys!

Hey friends, Happy Monday...night...heh heh.

The day really got away from Well, now the children are nestled all snug in their beds and it's time for my quick (but important!) post. Last week we brought you adorable 10" Blossom Tansy Dolls, and this week...this week we have:

Blanket BUD Babies! Whoop whoop! Bud, as in: little flower buds - get it? Got it? Good. ;)

bamboletta, blanket baby dolls, Tansy Dolls, Dragonflys Hollow, waldorf pocket doll
Introducing: Rose, Marigold, and Petunia
These new babes are soooooo soft and snuggly. Here, see:

bamboletta, blanket baby dolls, Tansy Dolls, Dragonflys Hollow, waldorf pocket doll
You can't snuggle just one!

Robin created these beauties from extremely soft cotton velour and their cute little faces are stuffed with clean carded wool. Their sweet expressions are hand-embroidered by yours truly, and red beeswax helps their cheeks become warm & rosy. These little Buds are perfect for babies and older kiddos who love zee cuddly friends.

pocket doll, blanket baby, waldorf doll, cotton, Tansy Dolls, bamboletta, dragonflys hollow
Why, hello.
  I am so excited about how they turned out - they're HUGE! I'll have to measure them before they hit the shop this week, but I'm thinking they're a good 10-12" of cuddle-time. Because they are so big it's really hard to take a picture with the entire length of their body included - so you'll just have to trust me for now. :) They will retail for $28 (!!!)

I don't know about you...but I'm thinking stocking-stuffer potential for sure.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Art with Aria: Journaling

This isn't a ground breaking activity.  However, it is something that Aria enjoys and I imagine that like the elaborate art projects we do, she finds satisfaction in the process.  Its also the easiest project ever.  All you need is a notebook and pen, but you can also include other office supplies if you think your kid would enjoy them.  Honestly, sometimes the best projects are the simplest.  And right now as we are gearing up for me to return to the doctoral program (full time classes plus research plus teaching), simple is what we need. 

Aria journals while waiting for the bus.
We like to have two journaling kits.  One for home and one for the road. The one for home, we keep in a small box on the bookshelf because we live in a small apartment.  If you or your child has a desk, you could always set up the journal station at the desk.  We like to keep it stocked with all sorts of fun office and art supplies.

Here's a list of Aria's personal favorites:
Color Coding Labels
Paper Clips
Tape (especially fun, printed tape)
glue sticks
Aria can find inspiration anywhere.  Even the sidewalk as we wait for the bus that will take us home.

And again...on a bench waiting for the bus with her journal.
The one for the road is simply a notebook and pen because we take the bus a lot and its easier to carry than a whole box of supplies.  However, if you travel by car, you could always set up a small travel box of journaling goodies.

So far Aria doesn't need prompts for inspiration.  However, if you find that your kid does, it can be fun to add shapes or stick figures and ask your kid to fill in the picture.  When they are older, other ideas could be to simply write a word or question and see how they respond via words and pictures.   We also keep a journal for those hard to answer questions that Aria inevitably has when we are nowhere near the computer and internet.  We simply write them down and look them up later.  It keeps her from continually asking me questions I don't know the answer to since she knows that eventually we will dedicate some time to discover the answer.  In addition, I date them so its kind of neat to look back and see what sorts of questions she asked at certain ages.  Do your kids like to keep a journal?  What sorts of things do they draw or write about?

As I mentioned, next week I go back to my doctoral program, but it also means Aria returns to preschool.  I'm hoping for a good school year for us both.  *sigh*  The summer went by far too quickly and I'm not ready to let it go.  Here's a photo of Aria from last year.  She is getting so big. 

And speaking of new beginnings.  Our Tansy Doll page just broke 400 fans; we currently at this very moment have 408.  Once we reach 500 fans, we'll be giving away one 16" doll to one lucky fan.  It could be you.  But only if you've entered.  So if you haven't had the chance, head over to our page and enter before its too late.  Also, there are ways to earn multiple entries, so read the details carefully to find out how you can earn extra entries.

Next week is Part II of the Tansy Doll Holiday Gift Guide.  Check back for more lovely handmade gift ideas!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Portland's Mini Maker Faire

Last weekend was a crazy one for me. I flew down to the Bay Area (California) to be a bridesmaid for my best bud Katie's wedding. It was gorgeous, by the way. Seriously: gorgeous! Anyway, this meant leaving my husband and son at home for the longest we've been apart since he was born - two days. The boys did great - I even came home to a clean house and a very sweet card. Love you guys!

Anyway, when they picked me up from the airport Sunday afternoon we wanted to grab some of the weekend for family time, so we headed over to the OMSI parking lot for Portland's First Annual Mini Maker Faire! And it was pretty awesome.

For those who haven't heard of them, a Maker Faire is a bit like a craft show, a bit like a science fair, and a bit like a giant show and tell. Sponsored by Make magazine (which I highly recommend), Maker Faires are a place for makers of all kind to show others what they do. This means there are crafts, science, technology, food, demos, art projects, games, information booths, and all kinds of fun stuff. Anyone who is making something or helping others do-it-yourself is a maker and welcome! I'm so excited that Portland has our own now!

We didn't get there early enough to see everything, but I definitely wanted to share some of what we did see. The whole faire was seriously inspiring and made me want to run home and make all kinds of stuff! Ok, here's a few highlights:

moving cardboard animal display
 These are called Kinetic Creatures and they're like awesome cardboard robots that you can build yourself. They can either be moved by crank or by little motors. So cool! I want one as a pet!

kids booth light sound piano
This is a circuit piano at the Intel Labs booth. It was very cool. You hold onto the metal part of the clipboard, then when you touch the keys you complete the circuit, which played the note and lit up the colored lights at the top of the board. Max thought that was seriously awesome. They were also giving away really cool sticker sheets to let kids design their own machines.

OMSI physics lab exhibit
Of course, OMSI had a strong showing, what with it being right on site and all. They moved a bunch of their mini-exhibits outside, including this bellows organ from the physics lab (one of Max's favorite rooms inside).

steampunk display table
There were some really amazing crafted goodies there too, such as this impressive steampunk array from Tanenbaum Fabrications. They even had a make your own jewelry area to help folks make earring and such with resistors and other fun bits!

mini cupcake truck
By then it was time for a bit of a break. Ours was fueled by Hungry Heart Cupcakes for coffee and, of course, cupcakes! My coffee was great (Stumptown - yum!) but I've going to have to hunt that truck down again for another Dark & Dusty cupcake - dark chocolate, cocoa nib, dulce de leche, and sea salt. Omigoditwassogood!

musical instrument hardware sculpture
If you've noticed Max's train obsession, it shouldn't be too surprising that he fell in love with this booth. That train is amazing! It was just one of the spectacular sculptures at the Musanicals booth. It was really hard to pry him away and, in fact, we had to go back and visit it again before leaving.

western martial arts kids sword training 
Along the back row, near the water and the trebuchet (which launched every hour!) Max found another favorite exhibit - the sword fighting area. The wonderful guys with Academia Duellatoria even found him a "sword" he could hold. He now insists he want to learn sword fighting. Mommy's so proud!

smithing demo forge
Right next door was a blacksmithing shoppe, with a blacksmith actually making nails as we watched! Very impressive. Makes you really appreciate the effort that used to go into every little thing.

chainmail jewelry booth
Did you guys know I make chain maille? Well, I do, but the jewelry especially at Full Circle Chains was really beautiful. I was trying to come up with an excuse to buy something, but didn't manage in time.

buckyball geometric construction game
Aren't these cool? They're geometric constructions made with the pieces at the ITSPHUN booth. Max was amused, but I loved it! Yay geometry!

There were a lot of other amazing exhibits, like the robots over at the FIRST robotics arena, the rockets at PunkRockets, and the cool survival skills demos and archery at both Rewild Portland and Trackers Earth. I would love to do each and every one of their camps!

Really, I can't possibly mention every cool thing we saw, and we were only there for a few hours! I can't wait until next year's Faire. Who knows? Maybe you'll see Tansy Dolls there! I highly recommend looking up the Faire in your area and going or even participating.

What makes you a Maker?


Monday, September 17, 2012

A BIG little thing...

Good Monday to you, friends.

As I sit here in a cafe down the street from my place, listening to Willie sing "Mama, don't let your babies..." and smiling - I'm trying to really hold onto these moments. Maybe 10 years from now I'll remember sitting here writing my weekly thought of the day and a warm feeling will come over me, and I'll think "This is when it was all beginning."

10" Waldorf Dolls, Bamboletta, Dragonflys hollow, Tansy Dolls, doll making little buddies
Camillia and Zinnia having a chat
 My first baby just started school this week, and my second baby is just perfecting his "drunken sailor" first wobbly walks. The sun is shining in Portland and the here and now, this present moment, is just where I want to be. I am so thankful for each day with 'my' people.

My third baby, just born 3 months ago, is really growing up fast too.

For those of you who enjoy reading our blog, who knows? Maybe you'll still be reading it (or stumble upon it) 10 years from now as well and you'll think: "Oh yeah, I remember when they were just starting out." I'm so happy you're taking this journey with us & I'm pretty darn grateful for things like that. This blog, this community, this way to reach people and share the big experience of hand crafting our very own little business.

So, this week is pretty special for us. We're making the jump from Etsy over to our own purdy & sparkly shoppe - AND...accompanying us on the journey is our NEW perfect little 10" dolls! Let me introduce you to our new 10" Blossom Dolls:

10" Waldorf Dolls, Bamboletta, Dragonflys hollow, Tansy Dolls, doll making little buddies
Juniper, Camillia, and Zinnia pose for pix

10" Waldorf Dolls, Bamboletta, Dragonflys hollow, Tansy Dolls, doll making little buddies
Shanti next to her new friend, Lilac
 (I promise to have a wee boy ready soon too!) These beauties will retail for $95 and are made with all the love and attention to detail as our bigger Tansy Dolls. Blossom's will come with an outfit, undies, and the teeny-tiniest little shoes you ever did see.

10" Waldorf Dolls, Bamboletta, Dragonflys hollow, Tansy Dolls, doll making little buddies
Juniper's shoes detail

They are perfect for little hands and small squeezes, but still have all the snuggliness and gorgeous hair to play with, just like our Tansies.

10" Waldorf Dolls, Bamboletta, Dragonflys hollow, Tansy Dolls, doll making little buddies
Little Lilac
10" Waldorf Dolls, Bamboletta, Dragonflys hollow, Tansy Dolls, doll making little buddies
Little Zinnia
 My daughter insists she MUST have one, and with Xmas coming up - who am I to argue? :)

Have a great day, guys.