Our Dolls

All Tansy dolls are made with love and special attention to detail by Robin, Lesley, and Cady. Our dolls are made from the finest imported European cotton interlock and tightly stuffed with over a pound of clean lamb's wool. Their cute faces are embroidered with love and cotton thread and their cheeks are blushed. Their hair is made from a mix of wool, mohair, and rayon, with special hand spun and dyed locks.

Every Tansy doll is handmade with care and is unique in it's own beauty. Our dolls are loved and come with a sparkle in their eye! Each comes with a special outfit, undies, shoes, a birth certificate, and lifetime guarantee.

We are happy to add freckles, embroidered birthmarks, or scars to match your little ones free of charge (you must provide a picture so we can match them)

These dolls are intended for children ages 3 and up.

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